Zoom - does anyone use it?

the site Crashed out at 10:25pm
I have noticed that recently the Enlarge click takes the picture well outside the Viewing area. It used to just fill the screen, like as in FaceBook. But now an enlarged picture spreads itself wide and well beyond the viewing area. More, on the second, enlarge further, click, the centre of the enlargement USED to be at the centre of display, it isn’t any longer. It is nowhere near as good as it used to be. In fact, it is not very good.

And, it would be VERY nice to cycle through Observation pictures one at a time, backwards or forwards with those arrows, instead of having to close and open the current display

As you may recall I had a similar problem some time back, and it turned out to be a browser misconfiguration - Chrome had somehow got set to showing images enlarged. I forget the details, but it might be worth you running through your browser settings.

Yes thanks, I know them well, everything in my Chrome is set to optimum . I do not think it’s a Browser problem. But am I the only one who has the issue - pictures too big for display-fit? Clicking on my Urchin above is good enough.