A Wild trip out with my family for the day

When I go out to places or go on trips it’s usually Wildlife orientated and I take photos almost every day if and when it’s possible to go out and if not I take photos in thd garden sometimes if there’s anything to take photos of. I usually go to Hucclecote every week and my family lets me look for Wildlife. My family didn’t used to be interested in Wildlife until my interest years ago before the pandemic I used to be scared of wildlife including farm animals and would avoid them and any places I might see them But one day I decided To overcome my fear and did it step by step in my own pace once i overcame it I could go to more places and over the years have gone on Wildlife trips with my family and wildlife holidays, watched David Attenborough, and they have seen my photos and videos and I Share my knowledge with them normally without a book or anything with me thry usually ask me about birds and other things if they don’t know what they are and even though there not proper interested or do it as a hobby cause they have learned a lot from me they know the sound of a buzzard which they didn’t used to cause I’m good at identifying bird calls and find the way the ecosystem works interesting so one of the trips I went on with my family when they picked me up from Kingsway was Gloucester and sharpness canal near Burger King secunda way I will put the other trips I went on aswell today under the photos.

Thanks for your patience and here’s the trips I went on today

A beetle possibly Devils coach horse flew onto my hand and started climbing around it so after taking pictures of it I put my hand next to a meadow buttercup to crawl onto it

The canal also had pond like habitat cause it had Lilly pads and water striders


For me watching wildlife can bring so much pleasure and a sense of peace. It’s great that you managed to overcome your fear and are able to inspire your family too.

Yes Wildlife does have lots of benefits. Gloucester and sharpness canal is very long it stretches all the way from Gloucester city to Quedgeley and through Severn vale. You can see both on maps of the uk. It stops where it joins onto The river Severn is a natural river not artificial it starts in Wales and ends at the Bristol Channel where you can see the Severn bore the seven bore creates 3rd highest tidal range in the world so is famous for that which goes out into the ocean on a map the part that splits wales and England is the river Severn so the parting you see is the Bristol Channel and the river Severn. Gloucester and sharpness canal is in front of it on a map and the river Severn is behind it. Gloucester and sharpness canal is the small line and the river Severn the big more obvious river. So not far away in a sense. The iv visited lots of parts of the canal cause I’m not far from it but I havnt been to that part I went to yesterday before so it was very exiteing and it was exiteing to to see what wildlife they get there aswell

On tidal ranges.

NOAA Tides & Currents

(The site has Avonmouth as the 8th highest range, but 6 or the 7 higher numbers are various locations on the Bay of Fundy. I was surprised that Ungava Bay was number 2.)

On the Severn Bore.

It’s the other way round - it’s the world’s third highest tidal range in the Bristol Channel that creates the Severn Bore. I want to tell you that the tidal range decreases upstream in the upper estuary due to friction with the sea floor, but I can’t find any detailed maps or data for that region.

On my second trip yesterday I went to a field in Hucclecote

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If I go any more trips Il share those trips with everyone on this post aswell

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This is just a short trip but hopefully there will be longer trips

I watched a Woodpigeon grabing a leaf on the tree

Daniels Brook, Gloucestershire

Orange tip Butterfly

Iv been waiting to take a photo of a Shield bug ever since March and April cause there well camaflauged I been going Shield bug no Shield bug wait that looks like a Shield bug. No. I had to keep going remembering it might not be a Shield bug it probably something that looks like it thats until today when I spotted something that looked like it was on the leaf and part of the leaf and the shape of it in my head I been looking for. I actually almost walked right past it cause of the amount of times things turned out not to be a Shield bug but then something about it seemed to fit the image I been looking for on leaves and seemed to resemble it too well to just be something part of the leaf and looked rather Armered. So I stopped myself and went back round and it was exactly what iv been looking for. A Shield bug.

The shield bug you found stayed still for you.
I found a pied shield bug about a week ago running fast across cultivated soil. It was a tricky thing where I had to get the focus to “ping” and then keep the distance the same as I tracked it.
I did put it up as a regular observation.

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I havnt seen a pied shield bug before but I have seen Forest bug and Hawthorn shield bug. The first time I saw a Forest bug was in the heatwave last year that was 35 degrees Celsius where I was and 40 in other places. First I saw one locally then there was 3 in the garden and I never get shield bugs in the garden so that was a new one and shield bugs havnt turned up again. But I see shield bugs locally. The hawthorn shield bug and green shield bug both usually stay still for me and there usually just sitting on things like leafs or vegetation. one actually crawled onto my hand and stayed so that someone could take a picture of me with it since it crawled onto my hand And then crawled back onto the leaf when I put my hand on the leaf for it to crawl back on to. I find the Forest bug, Green shield bug, and hawthorn shield bug are good at staying still for photos

Some might be with my parents whereas others might not be but il still share them

I went to Daniels Brook again

Wow! You have been busy. I don’t know what a lot of the creatures are but I’m sure that some of them can be IDed by those who do know. The bee photos, for example, should be IDable. I like the shieldbug and the speckled browns. Any idea what the green beetle is?

If your talking about the field one the green one on the leaf is a weevil

That’s the one, Zo. :wink:

If you look on the close up common vetch photo you will see 2 grass flys called thaumatomyia Natata looking like there having a chat next to the common vetch flower