AND NOW? Carousel mislinking

My carousel is not opening the pictures I click on.

If I click on the picture of the frog I get the Lachenalia opening
If I click on the picture of the Scadoxus I get the Protea opening

All off by two pictures.

Reloaded three times: all the same.
And dont tell me to clear my cache. I should not have to do special and unusual things to make iSpot work.

OH: it is both carousels doing this

Yep, happens in Global as well; Chile and Hong Kong refuse to load up Recents (only Global help please); UK is WORSE 404 errors or at least one Ob. removed. Either the ‘guys’ are working on the site or it’s suffocating whilst Admins SLEEP…

Also affects the Other observations carousel.

Example of an error
2 October 2017 - 3:08PM lizejoubert
Follow these steps:
Click on this observation (

Scroll down to the carousel with all the other observations of Erica glauca var. elegans. Click on this one -

Then, scroll down to the carousel with all the observations of E. g. var. elegans again. Click on the picture of the original observation… and you end up with an observation of a very handsome skink…

If I click on a Britain & Ireland thumbnail I get a 404 message. If I click on a Global one I get something strange from Africa: I clicked on a toadstool and got a Handsome Prince (nice frog but definitely not the same observation), clicked on a flower and got a gecko licking its eyeball.

Me too. If you open in gallery form then it seems to work, but its annoying.

you mean, instead of mouse-wheel-click = open in a new tab, you click to open an intermediate window and then you click to open the observatoin?
What a pain!!! I wanto to mouse-wheel-click and open itimmediately in another tab like you do with the carousel. Why not? why if you try it does iSpot load the entire gallery page again!!! INFURIATING not [email protected]@&y annoying!!!

Other observations playing up.

if I click on the first “other observations” (which is a recent post by R. Taylor) it gives me a Krantz Aloe (Hogsback) but the address is
Just as confused as the site is.

PS have searched, but cannot find Roberts Longhorn in the aloe.:laughing:

All the carousels with todays data are not working!!! This is one of them with today’s data and so it is not working …

There are linking two observations too early - a bug …

for todays data (and from here on until they eventually figure out what bug they have made) rather use this for the current data:

Most of the links from the carousel are failing with a 404 error, but only after nearly opening the page. Very frustrating.

Yes, there is lots of code that runs before the page is even loading: bizarre - esp. after we asked them for an efficient system for our slow rural southern African lines.
There approach seems to have been to make the pictures bigger and the content more convoluted, and then back it up on the cloud. Except that the cloud just reports that iSpot is down and gives as a “cloud error”.

Interesting on most cases (about 80%) the southern African carousels load up the picture two along, rather than give the 404 error.

I wonder how long it will take the programmers to figure this out. Clearly the site is beyond their capabilities. They have only debugged about 5% of the bugs in 3 months. Pathetic.

I’m having similar problems and it’s a combination, I click on but the page that opens is which then goes to a 404.

That is simple!

Note that “
is common to both, but the alias (what comes afterwards) is wrong

So the coding the information for the carousels is wrong: the pictures shown are correct but the links are scrambled.

A little investigation shows:
note the uk community and the number two along (this is a constant in this bug)

So: This is what you wanted.

But the coding is wrong. The coding is giving:

note that
  • this is in a different community (had it been in the same community then this - wrong - observation would have loaded instead of giving the 404 error)
  • and the coding is two numbers earlier: this is this bug! But the programmers seem unable to figure this out.
  • but it is giving the correct alias for what it should be looking up (i.e. it is giving the wrong community address but the correct title).

BUT OH: THIS NEW SITE IS SO SLOW: just finding your observations and loading them via the LIST OBSERVATIONS UK OR GLOBAL takes forever!!! SO FRUSTRATING!
Over 16-22 seconds for the pages to load - without pictures - these take longer! … And I had to get to page 9 to obtain these observations.

This site is not just bug ridden. It is plodding bug ridden …
Who is responsible for the entire site cock up?


Ok, thanks. If I load the page and then increase the number by 2 I can access the correct page. It’s a faff but at least I can load the page.

Possibly related; if I try to filter the carousel by group it hangs. (I haven’t been patient enough to see whether it eventually redisplays the carousel).

3 days to discover this aspect of the bug. Is no one using the site anymore???

or have users just given up: “the site is so buggy, why bother reporting - no one does anything anyway?”

Yes it does eventually load (in both communities): just takes forever.


  • that adding 2 to the url number and removing the title will get you to the correct observation
  • that the observation that actually loads is 2 along in the global carousel, not in the filtered carousel, and if it is from a different community you will get a 404 error)

Sorry: yes - perhaps I should have stated this. I have been doing this since Monday. But you cannot use it in GLOBAL community, only in one of the local communities.

So it will often fail on the Help confirm global observations, unless you can work out the community as well.

The news feed tells you to use Explore Community as an alternative to the carousel.

List takes too long, and Gallery has that stupid intermediary window.

And clicking the icons is quicker than have to set up the filter, even though it does take forever (compared to very fast in the good old days).
Having to wait for the pictures to load in the List View only after you go to that part of the list really p!$$#$ me off.

or have users just given up: "the site is so buggy, why bother reporting - no one does anything anyway?"

We are showing evidence of that behavioural phenomenon known as “learned helplessness”.