Another plea for Global inclusion

Whilst the test site is running is it possible to test the viability of including a strip showing the 49 most recent Global Observations?, I have asked several times before and don’t think my ‘request’ has been adressed.

The problem with this is that an extra carousel pushes the news and stories so far down the page that no one will ever see them. As always I want to pack more onto the page without loosing readability so possibly the filters could be moved and the words about the carousels moved or made smaller and this would almost allow 3 rows in the space of 2. But that kind of coding is not possible at present.

Would it not work with a region pull down or button.
As it is now the carousel sometimes loads the region the previously viewed observation was in.
If I can’t remember a local observation in the unidentified carousel it takes several clicks of the back button.

I’m happy NOT to have this. I find I have plenty to think about with UK observations - to which I can readily relate - without spreading my net wider.

The other problem is the amount of time it takes the server to build those carousels - inefficient code, that is used in lots of places, to bring in lots more data than just the image and title - is re-used here, meaning what should be just a single query ends up being dozens of queries. When we’ve re-written some of the code to improve efficiency, we might be able to add either an extra carousel or a selector.

For those of interested in Global posts it is easy to set one’s Profile to the Global Community option.
This choice includes all posts from - well as it says on the tin - the globe.

That’s fair and is the main reason WHY Global was separated in 2013 from The UK&I. Generally users did not wish for the additional clutter of Holiday Observations.

LOVELY - yes please @Chris_Valentine

you are still wishing us Happy Christmas in that area

I’ve made a note of this request - and am thinking the selector should have a “don’t show” option which would shorten the page and make it load faster.

I have a project running on the home page that has had nearly 100 ‘hits’ since I opened less then 3 days ago - But it has already cooled down, hit-wise.
The least Global nod on the home page would be a Project kept near the top of the Panel - I will.
The best thing currently would be Pull Down menu that shows the most recent 49 Global observations (grid) BUT there needs to be a way of RESTRICTING it to ‘pure’ Global, excluding UK and Southern Africa (for now)
I NOW have no illusions, there is only a tiny appetite for more attention to Global Observations.

In an attempt to ‘popularize’ the Global community (which includes the UK) we have created a new Project

Observations on the theme are needed. Find them anywhere, in any community and link them here. We can add the appropriate tag. PLEASE consider forming an observation that might illustrate the theme,

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Considering there are so STALE it would be a small price.
It may just be possible now that Chris is more adept at coding?
A pull-down menu Latest Global Observations?

An aside to this topic, but all the same…
Can someone with the power to do so consider changing the location of these two observations? Both are languishing in the warm waters of the Gulf of Guinea, default location for global spots, rather than their rightful places in Pembrokeshire and Nottingham.

which should be in Wilford, Nottingham

Second one is this

which should be in Pembrokeshire

Both have been left notes re location but there has been no response. I know there have been a lot of these and I think some helpful souls have made adjustments to some.

Edited to correct! I know there will be higher priorities for many!

Have approx adjusted these.

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Thanks for responding, Mike.
Beastie now in Nottingham but not yet in UK community - how is that shift made, I wonder? Sorry not to know.
Orange mushroom: still in African waters, looks like :frowning:

Have done this again, hope the african one will stick now.

See what happens if you add another id now.

Yes.location changed as you say and it has stuck in Wales. But how do we move it to UK?

I haven’t added different/revised IDs? Will that move them to UK? Adding an agreement didn’t do the trick in the case of Beastie.

I don’t really understand this: Global doesn’t include UK for other obs.