Banner Games again

Continued from Shifting Banners
I am going to start again, asking for assistance to SHIFT banners. Please help

This lovely squirrel is NOT seen in Other Obs or the Taxonomy browser because the ID is in an Invalid (black) Panel and loaded with agreements.
Here then are just a few that still need a shift. In isolation none of these seem important but I have a list of 1600 that are not seen in Other Obs or the Taxonomy Browser. 8 visits 4 agreements! fixed fixed
Familiar? Anyone?
12 is enough for now - thanks to all those who tried today. Number of visits is in the greyed number

Slightly depressing, seeing the names of several worthy souls, now MIA.
Displaying another iSpot quirk (also mildly depressing, reminding us of the more serious shortcomings): opening each as a separate tab produced headings preceded by “[seotitle]”

This Slug needs a new valid ID panel. Fixed
Common white throat. Fixed

Can anyone help with this incomplete panel? N.b see comments
Sorted - thanks to Amadan.

I’ve had a go. (Padding to 20 characters…)

This iSpotter was certain about his ID of a Stilt-legged fly but the ID panel is incomplete. I don’t know if it is and wonder if anyone who does know can add a revised ID. I really want to avoid adding Diptera as the ID.

Black ID Panels are on the Menu again with another Rescue Project
I still don’t think even some very experienced users understand how undesirable they are.

When an ID does not produce a full BLUE panel with external links showing, it means you MIGHT have misspelt it. Look back when you have completed to make certain it’s Blue.

It is not always a misspell, sometimes (often even) iSpot is resistant to best attempts. The outcome is the same, if it’s black it’s wasted, just like the TEN Thousand I have in a Spreadsheet.

If you’re smart you will know what you have typed is the New Name and is not in the dictionary - what would be the point of producing an Invalid ID to show that you are smart?
Add the nearest Taxonomic ID that you can (maybe the Genus instead), mention in Description that you are smart enough to know the new name and then people will agree with you in a comment .
I keep asking the Coding team to ALLOW invalid Panels but disallow agreements. You will know why, if you are following the Lost Observations project.

I need to air my thoughts again.
As long as we agree to Invalid IDs we will lock them from sight - they do not feature in the browser nor Other Observations - no one else sees them after they leave the Home Page.
I have been battering away since about 2016 to no avail.
The New Dictionary (a site recode) is due to be installed.
The moment it is, then there will be new Invalid IDs.
There is a bug that sometimes does not latch the ID to the Browser. It is squashed by adding the ID again but ONLY if the name is in the dictionary. This has been the case since 2009 and will always be.
I have proposed (apparently to deaf ears) that we MUST allow Invalid, free-typed IDs but disallow agreements. It is simple enough to write in a comment ‘yes I agree it must be such-or-such’ - why then lock the whole observation from sight?
I am spending HOURS in the various Lost Observations Projects and there is a good following. But I suspect we will not be dwelling on this issue (someone else can) when the New Code is installed (possibly next month).
I think I am saying there appears to be no general appetite to rid the site of locked invalid Observations. Worse, I suspect quite few people think agreeing to or typing Invalid IDs is quite a good idea.
These few very OLD ONES are from the list of TEN thousand
There are plenty of modern ones showing current and very experienced agree-ers
There’s a few more up to date ones here (30 a day)