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Banner Games again

Continued from Shifting Banners
I am going to start again, asking for assistance to SHIFT banners. Please help

This lovely squirrel is NOT seen in Other Obs or the Taxonomy browser because the ID is in an Invalid (black) Panel and loaded with agreements.
Here then are just a few that still need a shift. In isolation none of these seem important but I have a list of 1600 that are not seen in Other Obs or the Taxonomy Browser. 8 visits 4 agreements! fixed fixed
Familiar? Anyone?
12 is enough for now - thanks to all those who tried today. Number of visits is in the greyed number

Slightly depressing, seeing the names of several worthy souls, now MIA.
Displaying another iSpot quirk (also mildly depressing, reminding us of the more serious shortcomings): opening each as a separate tab produced headings preceded by “[seotitle]”

This Slug needs a new valid ID panel. Fixed
Common white throat. Fixed

Can anyone help with this incomplete panel? N.b see comments
Sorted - thanks to Amadan.

I’ve had a go. (Padding to 20 characters…)

This iSpotter was certain about his ID of a Stilt-legged fly but the ID panel is incomplete. I don’t know if it is and wonder if anyone who does know can add a revised ID. I really want to avoid adding Diptera as the ID.