Broken since the upgrade?

I’m not sure that is good child rearing practice.

Good luck with it. Could be worse, you could be running it on Facebook.

More trouble this morning: time-outs at first, now it locks up (524 error) after visiting about half-a-dozen posts. This is usually preceded by it failing to display the photos in an observation - even when there are only one or two.

Yes, I’ll have to give up lengthy comments with cross refences and complex illustrated Observations
Join the users, ignore the Tracker, single pictures and no text except, perhaps, OLYMPUS DIGITAL SYSTEMS!
10:40…down, then up, then down again…maybe I’m the cause!

Yes, same for me…I wanted to research spotlight and posts of yellow russulas without logging in (in case it made any difference?), having trouble cf Amadan’s with loading/seeing posts though the problems do not appear to be consistent. Earlier on today I logged in, then it wouldn’t log me out for some time!

Yes, I’m having problems with the carousel loading, and the Gallery view isn’t loading for me.

Just stopped altogether for me, time out error 524 and wouldn’t let me back in. Hope all observations are safe.

Just kicked it into life again. Sorry for all these outages - seems to be even worse today.

Just logged in again. I was coming to think that the 504s were related to the amount of time/number of pages visited per session, but this time it began with no changes found, then when I went for the observations list:

That’s a symptom of the site as its failing - queries to the database take too long to be fulfilled and the webserver assumes there weren’t any results - which is usually tosh. Its crashed twice in the last hour or so has just been kicked into life once again. Seems to be getting worse.

Yes, couldn’t move to Gallery view either @Amadan and had the same result, as in “no results found”. Subsequently, I’ve not been able to move off the Homepage, with an ongoing timer whirring away. It wouldn’t allow me to log out either…but I’ve just refreshed the browser and it seems to be back to life again.

this eve 19:50 (6th). The code and search test is running like LIGHTNING, honest, it has never been as quick. See Reverted to a Backup? - #34 by Chris_Valentine

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2 hours later - error 524 on Activity Changes (my usual landing page)

Just managed to spend over half an hour without a 504 error - though it started slowing down (when adding agreements) as I neared the end of the “new” posts.
Having glitched yesterday on the Changes Tracker, older ones had been de-highlighted, so I had to revisit a few.

De-highlighting is a BIG issue for me (probably for everyone) it often is the cause of poor response to comments
I have asked and asked for it to be like it was - remaining yellow until dealt with and NONE of our own own activity shown.
What a blessing those two things would be @Chris_Valentine .

I’m adding this to the official bug/issue reporting tool so its not forgotten.
So you’re saying you’re going to the Changes Tracker and nothing is highlighted?

For me, I go there once and all recent activity is highlighted - but go away and back again and all the highlighting has been cleared. I’m guessing the highlight shouldn’t clear until you’ve actually visited one of the entries?

Could this be down to the way browsers now treat links that normally open in another window? I notice all the title links to the entities (observation, etc) have target="_blank" - which would normally open in another window. Nowadays browsers are a lot more fussy how they react to the target function. Could you try Ctrl-clicking the links instead of just click and see if the functionality you’re after returns?

Dear all

Please note the following Notification now posted on iSpot:
iSpot will be offline from 4 p.m today October 7, 2021!: There have been some technical problems with the iSpot website and we will take the site offline for a few hours from 4 p.m. today to apply fixes. Look out for further updates on this. We apologise for any continuing inconvenience and thanks for your patience!

Dear All
Please note our Updated Notification Message now posted on iSpot:
Thank you for your patience with our ongoing issues with the iSpot website. We have now rolled out some code changes and some server tweaks that we hope will make a significant impact on the unacceptable number of outages. We are continuing to monitor performance.

Magnificent effort thanks.
Please remember to list some of the Intentional Changes so that we notice them and give critical support
I noticed the new (underline) Bookmark today