They are in the updated index, but under “Tuli’s spiders” along with a lot of her other stuff here: https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/southern-africa/view/project/732289/index-temp-project-in-case-they-never-give-me-my-edit-button-back

Thanks. I’ve long admired your sustainable (almost indestructible) Index Project - what a blessing you never copied my direct HTML (href) method

Thanks & :heart: (20 Chars)


Checked it out on Marine Traffic -
See http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3006792/100-000-tons-U-S-firepower-big-dock-Portsmouth-Aircraft-carrier-USS-Theodore-Roosevelt-anchors-Hampshire-coast-arriving-UK-five-day-visit.html
I used to work in Portsmouth and could see the shipping from my flat on the hill at Cosham

iSpot will be off-line for planned maintenance on Thursday 3rd August from 09:00 to approximately 10:00.

Two routes to the same destination?

Each with the Order of the Toilet seat

OFF line ON line

It seems the planned Maintenance is done. But what is ‘done’?
Read here

Indeed: test anything that is said to be done!!!

well, I am nearly Done in - you?
My first test was to see if I could improve a project by adding text and more Illustrations - but still only 10 allowed
I guess @kevmcleod might be a frustrated as us.
I tried to add pictures to my project - it refused to go beyond 10 (ten is Max). Not only that, one very precious pictures has gone missing in the process

And I bet I am the only person to have this in a Browser Drop-down menu

I trust that you have put this in the workarounds forum! Perhaps we need an “Essential tools for the new iSpot” forum?

First Fifteen?

NOT until it’s running reasonably well. You have promised the Definitive Guide to iSpot!
Is this the first 15? https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/view/observation/737021/think-seaweeds-please

This is rubbish but I suppose we should do it, in case it will becomes true in the future

We WANT it to be redone. How?

This was essential. Noting male vs female flowers in Restionaceae. Noting male and female and juvenile birds. Naming parts of plants in observations.

How do we get it back?

Projects used to have a drag-able text input box to increase the size. This is not present anymore-so you have to work within a tiny section of the screen.

Either this needs to be widened as the default, or the resizable box reintroduced.

NO place for this option when editing or making a new post - click it at your peril!

Project Map should show TOTAL and the button should be SHOW LESS - (maybe Show Between dates?)

just sayin’

1.Add a new observation whilst adding a new observation (or a project): Bug #295 (of 10 May and still unfixed)

  1. What are you smoking. 1000 observations!!! IT SHOULD SHOW ALL OBSERVATIONS!!! Where on earth can we find out how many observations there are in our project?

Just click Show More Observations 15 times which for me was 11 minutes of clicking (1000 per click - shows 16000) - simples.

Stupid eh…What IS the Total?

Now there I can help you!

All you need is 314 clicks to determine that there are 313 537 (as of June end: I have not yet had a data dump for the new site). At about 1.4 clicks per minute, that will take you a mere 3.7 hours to find this out.

And in doing so, you will have defeated some silly programmers aim of stopping you loading too many observations, by uploading from the server a total of 49 455 000 observations, merely to discover how many observations there were.

How is that for programmers logic!

Last Post
I suppose there’s a clue in the last post-number /observation/737630/marchantiales-sp
Though a few will be repeats or deletes
anyway WHY would someone would need to know the number using this method - all we have to do is bloody ask!
However, on the enlarged map we can see distribution of observations (or Observers), which is the most Northerly, the furthest from the coast (sore point) or the most isolated - the basis for a quiz, I suppose. It’s all a bit of a useless quiz at the moment.

The last post number tells us nothing: it depends on the project. This project is southern Africa so this means that 314k of iSpots 738k (you heard about the collie that brought in the sheep? The farmer asked how many there were and the sheep dog said 340. the farmer pointed out that there were only 336 - had the dog got them all. Yes, of course said the dog, I rounded them all up! (thanks sallyslak)) are from southern Africa.

Anyway, if you have Roadkill, or Seakeys or Spoor & Signs, how will you know the total number (who will you ask?) You will have to sit there and clickity click until the counter stops. What a ridiculous system!

And you are wrong about the distribution of observations (or observation localities - not observers). You are only seeing these for the last 15 000 observations: only 1/20th of the data. The total pattern may well be quite different.

So I have been asked:how many observations are from Namibia?, Botswana? and Swaziland? Oh well, clickity click - I have nothing better to do according to the programmers …