Problem with filtering for a specific date. No matter what I do I cannot filter for a specific date. You have an option of “is between”, “is after” and “is before”. Selecting “is between” and then having a specific date as the start and end date does not work, no matter what!

is before date
is after date

Counterintuitive it does seem to work.

Will check it and bug it . Works. But the wording is confusing, so Bug #508

Two other bugs detected in process (506, 507)

I’ve had that several times. Restarting my browser seems to work.

Had this last night as well but before had black screen blaming me for not emptying cache etc .did so got as you did now today unable to log in via Firefox wrong password etc.Tried IE and sailed thro this is driving me up the wall.

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iSpot was down most of yesterday and until this morning.

Ridiculous error messages!
Instead of Error 500 it should have said

Ispot down - try later

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This bug is really getting my goat up. When are the programmers going to do their job???

never mind that Peter is our Ant expert!!!

(in case you missed it, Gigi with three badges outrumps both Peter Slingsby (Ant Expert - badge not shown) and me (Silver badge). In terms of maths Gigi with ca 200 votes trumps Peter with 1000 votes and me with 500 votes.
Perhaps we should give the programmers some basic maths lessons before allowing them onto iSpot again))>

Peter’s gripe is that he updated our southern African dictionary almost three years ago when he started writing his book on Ants. His book is now published, but iSpot has still not updated the dictionary.


Yep, in the same vein, look at this. Read my effing comment

*effing is a place - the inhabitants speak effick with a u (will I get reprimanded?)
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You are getting rather close to the edge …

Att. Tony Rebelo This seems a good place to explain my new problem - It’s quite difficult to know where to report problems or if they have been reported before.
BASICALLY I wanted to find posts for lichens on a certain date (just to check if I’d posted a particular shot):
MY FILTER: Observations filter
In group:

WELL This may display later - I hope.

THEN I checked another post where I’d recorded the url

Teloschistes capensis, Stofbergsfontein - 2012
Previous URL

These are still on iSpot, but I just can’t find them unless I know the URL.
So now shall I wait and see what the new iSpot will sort out eventually

THERE ARE OTHERS “Associated” lichens that I just can’t sort out, where I can’t find the original. :cry: :cry: :weary:

Is your date right? https://www.ispotnature.org/search?query=15%20September%202012%20marlandza
Search for: 15 September 2012 marlandza
But this is ridiculous. With Track we could just wander through our own whole history. And search between two dates was easy.
Your [quote=“marlandza, post:229, topic:92”]
[/quote] is (now?) a wasp SE of London
There is nothing really new here, we all know that iSpot is TRASH. Drink more tea and read a good book perhaps, So

Is probably best for your health

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None of the URLs that are www.ispot.org.za are working. It seems that when the programmers mapped the old site to the new site, they forgot about all the old-old site urls (pre Sept 2014), and none of these work anymore - they just link to random nonsense. This is logged as a bug, from the day they fixed the old site urls. (Bug #375 - half fixed)

Why are you wasting your time doing the programmers job?
Rather do something useful like add on more observations. Leave all the old stuff alone until the site starts working again.

(((Please only post one bug at a time: this forum sucks as it links stuff so badly. The old hierarchical iSpot forum was far superior to this linear one for following threads (this one has its advantages: it does not hide stuff behind new pages and the url to a specific posting works (but they did on the pre Sept 2014 site: the bugs were just never fixed afterwards))

I dont know what is supposed to show. Presumably the 1 showing is not what you should get?
I see that you have
dYear dMonth
2012 8 44
2012 9 36
2012 10 22

But check the dates on the dump is more problematic.

Sorry the reply was not meant for you

DATES are no problem - I record everything by date and location. On the Northern Cape trip everything was recorded not by GPS but by date and time of the shot.
Are you old enough to remember the movie “If it’s Tuesday it must be Belgium”?
OK - so now it does get confusing - I must check the date.
Yes you are correct the 15th was STOFBEGSFONTEIN
The 21/10/2012 was KNERSVLAKTE, which I was also checking.
Never mind, I’m watching the ships and yachts going down the Thames now. Much more soothing and have requested a Talkingbook from the Idea Store (larney word for Library Tony)

is a good expression - i have not seen it here before…
here it is again, in case we have to search for it - NEVER MIND!
I am old enough and I also watch (and listen to) ships - HMS R08 comes into the Flow tomorrow (don’t tell anyone please)

“add on more observations”
Well, that was what I intended - I do tend to jump from place to place and this time I just wanted to check to see what I had already posted for that day.
Going to listen to dejay and do something completely different, like ship spotting.

I’ve created projects of my obs in various groups, eg My spiders, My beetles etc with just myself filtered in the user category - it works well to review ones own posts and I think they are in date order, it does get a bit tedious though once the numbers are up in the 100’s going back through the pages although I see that this operation has got a bit faster recently.

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Those project are not showing in New Projects, so I wonder if you mean Filters?. I’d like to see your spiders please; hopefully I am not the only one, so a link here would be good.

my pleasure