Happy new year all but experiencing site problems

Can’t seem to access the site at the moment, initially getting “connection timed out error 502” then “error 503 service temporarily unavailable” and now “bad gateway”

Update; seems to be working again now but slow to load.

Happy New Year! Yes, errors here, too, Luisa - every which way!
Partly loads and then crashes. 8am is 500 internal error.

Me, too: couldn’t access the site earlier, and now some (not all) posts are displaying incorrectly. Photos and data are missing (e.g. “By: [blank]”)
But I can’t upload a screenshot – that also hangs, displaying:
Processing: image.png…
So I pasted it into a photo editor:

Parts of the university are experiencing a power outage at present (actually for a few hours already) so it is likely things may be tricky for a while yet until it is fixed. There are backup power systems but they never seem to be as reliable.

Incidentially i can’t get to the admin site to put up a banner to say this as that part of site seems to be affected.

Yes, same here. Some Bad Gateways and Gateway Timed Outs, and some missing photos, also some empty frames where all content of observations should be - various incorrect displays :frowning:

As typing this have just seen Miked’s message re power outage, it’s a miracle there’s anything to be seen then. Perhaps best not to do anything complicated this morning then!

Thanks for that input, Miked

Yes, thanks for that!

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Yes - thanks very much Mike

Not necessarily related, but I’ve just encountered a glitch where the system failed to display the comments on an observation. (It said comments present at the top, but when you go down to the bottom is said no comments existed.) Solved by a refresh.

Chaos here! I couldn’t even agree an observation.
I tried again and got: 500 - Internal Error

Something has gone very wrong - please try clearing your browsers cache & cookies, restarting your browser and returning to the page that caused the problem. If the problem persists contact iSpot.

There has been talk of power problems with the server.
The screen refresh has helped me.

So glad we HAVE power - see how many people worldwide will not be sure when things will resolve.
Don’t worry, be happy. Maybe time for a cuppa :smile: :tea:


Yes, that actually caught me out and by the time I realised, I had added yet another boring comment!

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I guess we should expect the unexpected. So I logged into the Forum and OUT - that is a universal Log-out

I’ve struggled several times over the last couple of days - all sorts of problems. But, as Lavateraguy says, quite often a page refresh brings at least temporary respite.

I presume others are still having access problems? There is nothing on the main page to suggest that the site is having issues.

Yes lots of issues - site not loading properly, unable to agree, receiving error messages etc. Clicking refresh does help but the issues are frequent.

We had a site-wide power failure at 06:30 this morning which, although resolved, is still having its effect on a number of servers.

Thanks for the info Chris.

It has been pretty bad since the turn of the year. One thing I’ve had several times is that when I click on ‘comments present’, it takes me down to the bottom of the page and no comments are visible.