If there was a WISH LIST

Top of my list would be “DO YOU REALLY WANT TO LEAVE THIS PAGE?”
Work entered will not be saved!!
Adding an observation and then the mouse takes me elsewhere - and all is lost, there is no going back.

Is this on a normal desktop computer or pad or phone? I know it can be fiddly on smaller devices

It’s a serious issue. Several things really
‘SAVE and Continue’ would be a VERY useful
Seeing the whole process (of making an Observation) in PREVIEW mode would be valuable
“Your work is not saved, would you like to save it”, would be lovely.

I have had loads of disasters by (carelessly) dropping a picture OUTSIDE the allocated space - the whole process fails, all the work goes.
We DO have a wish list** which NObody discusses anymore and it’s lost in the dust of this place. It is hopelessly inadequate, compared to the very long BugList and the suggestions made by the departed ZA emigrants and ALL the work done before during the 2017 recode by a small panel of Testers (I was one and still feel ashamed).

** Improvements requested (link reinstated, sorry)

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Lap top with a wayward mouse-pad -

Yes - I don’t want to think about it. :frowning:
But more often I just move my mouse to scroll the screen and end up in all sorts of unwanted places and all work is lost.
PS - would love to find the wish list - not the whinger’s list that I can’t identify with - best forgotten.

I think a useful addition would be Add another observation at this location.

As a new user I can’t see anyway to do this and if I have many to add at same location i just think it would make the entry easier.


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Thanks @Ade
There is a wish list but there is no longer much interest displayed.
Here are 25 of the Most Wanted Improvements requested
But there are hundreds of mini-wishes lost in the dust of the Forum
“Add another observation” is in the Most Wanted - number 12.
I’d like to be able to offer a big reward…

we used to have this facility on the old site but was removed by the programmers for the current site. Actually I was never keen on the facility as it was always tempting to think of a big site and just say your observation was from there when infact it may have been very important to say exactly where the observation was from within the site. On the other hand if you are running a moth trap from same place every night then giving the name of location may be just what you need.

very few people open links in the forum. Each person who does so, changes the number shown in the little circle.
What circle where? I hear you ask…well you can see a few (not many) here Some favourites