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I reckon it would be nice if you spot a Good Observation, for whatever reason, then show us too.
Please put one here occasionally, as often as you like.
Tell me if it’s a bad Idea!
Here’s a starter - you don’t have to agree or even comment.
This one is good for photography and for the outcome. Check the Pics at full enlargement.
Unfortunately Paul (pcollingridge) seems to have left, after 9 years commitment. (ShortLink 9 visits to-date)

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My choice today (I’ve been away)

Gorgeous photography
Martin (Frogprince) has gathered an impressive Inverts record in iSpot (since 2014). He is one of quite a few regulars who form the backbone of the site.

This THREAD is not mine…it’s YOURS!

A good idea, in the absence of a “like” button or equivalent. Having to type a comment to that effect - especially as you can’t edit typos afterwards - can be a bit of a chew when there are lots more posts to look at, and not enough time.

I may have mentioned it, but I’ve certainly though it - a thank button on identifications and comments would be a good idea.

I have a number of old-time favourites - this is one of my earliest. I REALLY like the idea of NatureScapes.

Here’s another (thanks to HB’s reminder) which shows comments about IDs in general

Here’s one that ought to get better coverage. Innovative Observing.

Sadly, this is all I ever see when I open the post:

I have to wait too - my speeds are no faster than 2mbs and often less than half.
But, if you see this, below, it suggest that iSpot has slowed down a lot. For me it is quite noticeable when I use Geograph The pictures there are very bytie and yet the whole site loads in a flash. Search your own Grid square to see how good the site is at loading ?
“just pointing an iPad at the sky and hoping” - nightjar

Finally got it to load the photos. well worth the wait. (Well, we are over 70 miles from London - out in the wilds!

Lots of observations are excellent for different reasons. Francesca Partridge collated her life and death ‘wildlife casualties’ observations into a project, here:

My favourite is ‘Buzzard’

Buzzard update 2

And another ‘Not the usual cat attack’

And on a similar life and death theme who could not love ‘Brave little Henri’.

Lots of good observations at the moment but this one stands out- A series of photographs documenting the emergence of a Dragonfly. Cool!

Yes very nice dragonfly!

Stunning photo for a hot day…

And, one to make you smile

My favourite today. Such things quickly disappear unremarked in iSpot

Few people will have seen this, one of only three observations from Alderney
My evening Favourite

We can judge the ‘popularity’ of Threads with links by seeing how many people actually open then

Post of the day (photos) - my choice

She posts some great photo: a great shot of a Common Lizard on Fastbuck seen this morning. This is, as you highlight, one of the very best.