Improvements - a new Thread

Not certain but it does not read easily. It used to be one figure, I cannot remember the title, a few will.
Number of social interactions?, Excluding IDs and Observations added, both of which appear IN the Profile already.

Yes, these are common gripes. Revising projects takes much longer than it should because of these issues. And I’m sometimes reluctant to take the time to revise them even when a revision would be a Good Thing. When doing an iFocus, the text has to be carefully stored and updated elsewhere prior to the actual update.

I noticed, I looked and then I moved on to whatever I came to do. That third one is not so crystal clear!

I have suggested to @Chris_Valentine that it needs a review. Whilst he is busy keeping the whole site running, he might appreciate suggestions here

I hate it when the location map disappears - I am certain others know about this, I often need to refer to it when adding a comment
Can it be fixed @Chris_Valentine ?
Currently I have to open a new version of the post to check what I am writing (about location) is reasonable

I see the map on my screen.

The map is suppressed when you’re writing a comment on an observation.

I know what you mean and I also find it a pain when the map vanishes.
Since we have to pay every time the Google map appears it might be suppressed in some particular circumstances to reduce cost. On the other hand it is rather tricky to work out exactly what conditions Google charges for and not seeing location when you are commenting etc sometimes means the comment is not as suitable as it might be.

The disappearing map is annoying, and I also open two version of the observation.

I see what you mean. When you click reply it actually reloads the page. I’ve also noticed that if you reply to a [email protected] post, it gets excited about the @ symbol and tries to turn it into HTML in the subject field - but then makes a mess of it by showing the HTML as text!

I have thought for a long time that redrawing the page for (making) comments and (after) agreements was unnecessary, and foregoing it would improve performance. (My current practice is to open observations in new tabs - so I don’t lose my place in the carousel - and close the tab after agreeing (without waiting for it to be redrawn, which at least helps at my end).

Foregoing the redraw would also reduce the number of calls to google maps.

On the other hand I don’t know how easy it is to tinker with the Java/Script.

You are, of course, correct. The front end is written using Angular rather than something like JQuery so changes are not remotely straightforward - but then Angular is now end-of-life, so we may rewrite it.