Improvements - a new Thread

almost no one has commented about how the Changes tracker has improved
And why has no-one said anything about the GBIF link in the ID Panel?
Neither of those improvements were easy to achieve but thanks to @Chris_Valentine they are both running VERY smoothly
Thanks Chris
There are five old threads about iSpot Improvements
Here would be a good place to suggest how things might be improved or corrected

Well, not quite no-one, as there are three comments
Changes Tracker changes. Now you have drawn my attention to the new format I can see it’s an improvement. Thanks to those involved in implementing it.

I use it (GBIF link) each time I post something to the southern African site - find it interesting.
Still not sure about the Changes Tracker, though.

Had you realised that all your own activity is still in the Activity Tracker?
The Changes Tracker had it duplicated and was cluttering the display
Only genuine changes now appear in the Changes Tracker

Yes - but I only used the one - now I need to check both.

Not many of us are forming PROJECTS but some improvements would help us all a lot
:diamonds: Fix it so that HTML Text is retained through Edits
:diamonds: Give us a MUCH better Front page when we can add a dynamic photo display, with photos hyperlinked to internal and external links.
:diamonds: Allow comments to be editable until replied-to (locked) - this to give us more space to add resource or reconsider responses.
All the above were available pre-2017 recode.

Yes, those are good points, well made. I agree with them. In similar vein to the second :diamonds: point above: this would make projects more visible to those who use phones as their main means of access to the site. Do we know what proportion of our current contributors use phones and how they see the projects panel?
The iFocus series are all projects, of course, and iSpot team has expressed interest in retaining these: from time to time some reference to a project in the Twitter could perhaps pique interest, though sometimes an iSpotter makes an unusual or otherwise remarkable observation and that could occasionally be featured in the Twitter account too.

For some of those things and for a MUCH brighter future, there needs to be an :herb:iSpot BLOG :herb: on the web, with a short reliable weekly update. In all honestly USERS could run it but it needs imaginative management.


Yes @dejayM :slight_smile: we’ve talked about the idea of an :herb:iSpot BLOG :herb: already actually (and see my other post on improvements re: visuals). I’ll discuss this with the iSpot Team next week :slight_smile:

I saw this after adding a reply here Improvements requested - #68 by Rachel_R

:diamonds:Oh and please make it so when we open our tracker for an added comment it takes us to the comment, not the beginning of a 5 page comment trail - please?


I think it would be very useful to have a Banner in every ID panel (5) COMMENTS PRESENT
The more I read comments the more I learn about the Organism.
The more I add comments the more obvious it becomes that few people see them

And what about this? Such invalid panels are being created almost every day, Some are still being agreed to, only a few people notice them


Such a clear ask, Derek. This is one of my hobby horses. Valid and invalid need to look more different!
If you’re a newcomer and have few/no icons, the only external links that come up on posting are in Taxonomy beneath taxon name, and you don’t know to look for them being there or not there (invalid). People with limited/no icons in relevant organism group will not see other observations even with a valid panel. I think.
I agree with this request for improvements.

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Re those invalid panels - notably those that “happen” even when we diligently pick from a drop-down.
I had a couple yesterday, ploughing through the :snowflake:LOST OBSERVATIONS 2022​:snowflake:. One example was Cucumber Green Orb Spider on broccoli! | Observation | UK and Ireland | iSpot Nature
It occurred to me that they are much more likely to happen if I don’t quickly accept the chosen name. In this case, I was hoping to find an alternative to the rejected “- sensu lato” suffix. So I had other browser windows open and spent a few minutes looking at (I think) GBIF, before tabbing back and proceeding. The result: a failed revision. I wonder if something happens “backstage” once the name is picked?
By the bye, love the way the Gremlins accepted the first “snowflake” above, but interpreted the second one as text…

Yes, I am tired of those. I THINK they are predictable, If only we knew how to predict them!
The trouble is, you never know it’s coming until too late. Predictably Random then.
I do know that usually the second ‘go’ works - but not quite always.
I had three yesterday
I have reported them often enough.

Three today
It seems to me that they are MUCH more likely to occur when ADDING a revised ID to an older Observation than doing one from scratch
Is a typical ‘fail’

We are doing a LOT of those just now so try this
Add an agreement first, this will wake up the Observation in the Server.
Then add the new ID - does it work? every time? Tell us
Don’t forget to remove the agreement
Added later - I have tried it a few times. It may be working
Typical one Unknown Duck | Observation | UK and Ireland | iSpot Nature (agreements needed)
@Chris_Valentine (for interest)

I may have done 20 so far without a fail. but I also did three, forgetting the trick and they were successful too. Oh well, I KNOW it will catch me out soon…
I should say that it is fast become fashionable to deliberately add Invalid IDs

I forgot to use the trick this morning in
More fool me then!

There is a case for revisiting Improvements requested. If we don’t ask, we won’t get.
So a new list is required and I can collate.
Check through the old ones above and make requests here.
Beyond ALL the difficulties we are currently experiencing, I’d like to see a button here please

and, possibly -

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