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January 2022 news

Starting a new thread with this:

Including the insulation of a giant Sequoia … I wonder if it will be successful.

Not exactly news, but friends having seen the excellent conservation work in Costa Rica sent me this link for the sloth rescue centre web cam.

It not fast and furious, but a pleasantly soothing watching experience.


Thanks for posting: I could waste spend a lot of time on that site. :smiley:

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Some news of new species.

And the name of the Windsor GP fungus ( omitted by the article here) is “ Hydnellum nemorosum: a rare tooth fungus from the UK which was found growing in moss under a sweet chestnut in Windsor Great Park in 2008, the only known site it is found in Britain, and which was finally described as new to science in 2021.”
Who’s in the area who can go and look for it for an ispot first?

I am never really sure which parts of Windsor GP are allowed to be visited so which rare species may only be available to those who can go everywhere.

A bedtime read, maybe…
Watching sloths is probably more rewarding.

This is both ridiculous and astonishing. Goldfish have been taught to drive a robot car: Goldfish Can Drive? - YouTube

I forgot to mention that all the goldfish are named after characters in Pride and Prejudice. It’s either Mr Darcy or Mr Bingley driving the fishtank in the video I think: Goldfish who can drive: why scientists taught fish to navigate a watery tank on wheels | Fish | The Guardian

They use GPS - Goldfish Positioning System.

:smiley: love it!! I’ll write and tell them…

Going by modern driving standards, they were already driving!

Not a Bonne Année for Bees.