Member Wildlife drawings

This post could be for members to add any Wildlife drawings they have done before or any they do when you see something and you come across an issue where you don’t manage to get a photo of something you might want to draw it when you leave to show people as an alternative

Or there might be times where you just want to draw Wildlife even some you havnt seen or maybe something related to Wildlife from your imagination aswell whatever it is you could share it here.

I also write storys both from exspeariance and from my imagination too about Wildlife so this could also be a post for storys about Wildlife aswell but I’m not sure weather to make that a separate post or weather to make this post for storys aswell as the drawings yet but that aside

me or any other members can share there drawings with each other on this post

Orange tip Butterflys


Orange tips are my favourite butterflies - I haven’t seen one yet this year.

I don’t know where you are in the uk but in Gloucestershire I know iv seen orange tips occasionally before the most frequent butterflys are cabbage whites - the small whites and large whites and tortoiseshell butterfly, comma and peacock I saw my first one this month but couldn’t get a picture of it cause it just wouldn’t stay still and it checked me out then almost went into my face when I turned around and it was constantly flapping and moving around and if I moved even slightly it just flew off so had to keep staying very still I usually have my camara ready so it would of been good if I had my camara ready for the orange tip but I wasn’t exspecting it to turn up that day.

How often I have made that mistake - even yesterday, when there was a wheatear on the field across the road.

Yes it can be fustraiting some more frustrating than others. I had an inspiring close encounter with a Buzzard a long time ago before my hobby and interest really really kicked off. I had never seen a Bird of prey before this was my very first time. 4 Buzzards landed on the ground in front of me the juveniles were clumsy taking off and landing and the parent was teaching the juveniles how to fly so were repeatedly taking off than landing in close proximity in front of me. I had to move out the way so that they don’t go into me but it was difficult cause there wild they wernt very careful. They kept flying low over my head and it was low enough it could almost touch you. One stated stationary in flight in front and abouve my head looking down at me and watching then looking up at the others practicing and glancing back and forth then it flew past and over me to join the others. Later One walked up right to me but didn’t really do anything in particular I didn’t actually know what to do at this point cause if I moved it could scare it away but I walked away from it. I couldn’t take a picture of that cause I was so absorbed the moment I got my camara out to take a picture they took off and left and there backs were faceing me so it wasn’t that they saw me take my camara out just bad luck. We watched them leave and head past the tree and leave the park. After this I got exited about that exspeariance so wanted to learn how to identify it. First i learned the different birds of prey in the uk and the common ones and drew identification features I saw. But I knew I had to learn how to identify birds first before birds of prey so I decided to start from step 1 beginners to the advanced level over time once I learned the other steps first eventually I learned how to identify most birds that can be hard to tell apart from each other and then after I got the hang of that I went onto birds of prey and eventually managed to identify the bird of prey I encountered. I wrote my exspeariance down. With drawings of the exspeariance and then went to the Forest of Dean and told the international bird of prey centre about my experience and asked what they were doing and they said that they were teaching there young how to fly and said it could be that I were still and so didn’t see me as a threat that they got so close but even he didn’t know.

over the years after that I became interested in most wildlife and as good as I was I was very very good at Wildlife watching but I became even more good at Wildlife watching and eventually became interested in conservation aswell.
I did find it fustraiting I couldn’t film any of that but I got the memory’s and the drawings from the exspeariance

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I had a very similar experience when I saw a hare and a stoat having a stand off - they were so intent on each other that they didn’t see me. I watched them toing and froing for about five minutes. One would advance and the other retreat - and then the opposite - as if they were sizing each other up. I still regret that I didn’t have my camera with me as they were only about 30 yards away.

![image|375x500](upload://t43UDpVb6GZOleOGVuRMZh9TZKc hi.jpeg)

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It’s been very humid today later When the sun came out There was lots of activity there was a insect going for a quick drink from the surface of my pond, a solitary bee pollinating a dandelion and a bee fly hovering around and another weevil and small black beetle I don’t know if it’s the one I saved from almost drowning in my bird bath or a different one. And birds talking. I was sat outside for an hour waiting for my phone to charge inside. And cause I was still a click beetle crawled onto my leg, then an ant and then a weevil I had it crawl onto something then put it next to the dandelion for it to crawl onto it by the time I finished a blackbird perched on the roof it was almost 8 and the sun went down

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Heres one of my drawings I drew after my experience with the bird of prey back then


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Some from today

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Are those second two skylark?

Had to browse for this one, it doesn’t grace the gallery at, though there are some in the forum:

Also, and more explanatory:

I might be biased but I prefer mine. It evokes the heavy human footprint in a landscape that is both fragile and timeless. I can visit it again and again and draw from its well of inspiration. And yet it manages to pose more questions than it answers, including reframing the ultimate question.

Bartok’s is just a sketch of a fly’s willy.

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That’s a Great drawing

Something like that I wasn’t sure what type of bird it was going to turn out to be until I drew it

Humpback Whale

Even though I have been drawing wildflowers and insects aswell birds I have been drawing birds a lot so I wanted to draw something else so I wanted to draw and I didn’t know what I wanted to draw but I decided I wanted to draw a Whale so I decided to draw a Humback whale