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This is the Last drawing iv done

Hey guess what Iv done lots of writeing so my right hand got tired so I decided to use my Left hand to write and when I was righting I put a pen in my left hand and a pencil in my right then drew the same letter with both hands and I was able to do it over and over with the same result. So I decided to draw something with my left hand since I can write with it and I drew a butterfly.
Usually I use my right hand but I can also use my left so drew a butterfly with my left hand and wrote butterfly with the same hand would anyone be interested in seeing my wildlife drawing I done with my left hand?

I saw a Butterfly when I went to Barnwood I know what type of Butterfly it was I just couldn’t get a picture of it. I was thinking of drawing it but Im thinking the Butterfly should be a speckled wood. I just don’t have the right colours at the moment

Honestly iv ran out of ideas what to draw im wanting to draw the humpback whale instead since it’s something different to everything else iv been drawing. As soon as I heard about the humpback whale I felt like drawing it which is why I decided to draw it when I came back.

two days ago My devices were on charge and I just kind of sat there and wondered what to draw then just went and drew the shape of a whale and filled in the details. Even though I know what whales look like I hadn’t ever seen one for real. I iv drawn lots of wildlife just not Whales before but I prefer to draw from memory so that’s what I did. I had to delete the photo from my device to make space to transfer more photos from my camara but my Aunty still has the photo and iv transfered the photo to my I pad instead so I’m hoping to get a new laptop at some point to transfer things on instead cause my laptop has stopped working.

butterflys is great but I’m not feeling it with drawing birds cause iv drawn it so much hopefully another something new I havnt drawn before or different wildlife to draw will come along like the whale did until iv had my break drawing birds and insects if anyone has any ideas of any species To draw though let me know

Before I say anything Im not afected by the news about the whale I just found it interesting thats all so nothing to do with the whale and not why iv been drawing it

the reason I wanted to draw a whale is cause I like whales and it’s something new to draw and if it didn’t turn up on the beach and I wernt told about it I wouldn’t of come up with the idea of drawing a whale.

Iv been feeling down recently I was told our cat died but I don’t know if that is why Iv been feeling down in the dumps or not I think iv just been feeling under the weather for some reason Its not allways the case but I can go off some things for abit when iv been feeling down sometimes.

But I have been drawing lots of birds and insects and wildflowers this year so that could be another factor why iv gone off some things for abit and wanting to draw new things aswell

So iv drawn a whale which is different. Im thinking of other things aswell like maybe a starfish or something I could do Next time but I managed to find at least abit of inspiration to draw a bird

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I hope you enjoy the drawing

It’s real sand. I got it from the beach at western super mare last year and put it in a sand bottle so I thought I could make the drawing look more realistic if I put sand on it. To make it stay I used glue then I put some of the sand on.

Iv done one last one

I didn’t know what I was going to draw until I started to drawing so it could of been any animal but When I saw the shape I was in the middle of drawing it was going towards fox so I decided to draw a fox all I had to do was the head and face and the rest of the body



A drawing I did yesterday at Highfield

I have started drawing birds again now so Iv drawn a Goldfinch


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Zo, your pictures have a definite style, do you think this has changed over time if you compare with older drawings. I have never been able to draw so don’t know if this kind of thing does change.

Il have a look at my older drawings and see. Even though I’m good at drawing all sorts of things I didn’t start drawing birds and other Wildlife until I overcame my fear of wildlife and my hobby started. my drawings progressed as my interest progressed from birds to other Wildlife

First i mainly drew birds of prey then it was any birds like Blue Tit and Great Tit and Woodpigeon for example then it was mammels like squirrels and other types of Wildlife so il have to go back to the drawings of when I first started drawing birds and other Wildlife before I can compare

But I have probably allways had the same style since iv been drawing things ever since I was 7. I noticed that my drawings as good as they are get better and more realistic year after year. Sometimes When I see Wildlife I start to notice details I could include in my drawings that could make them more realistic things that I could add to my drawings for now on when I want draw

And then when I want to draw I recall the memory of the animal and the details That I saw and implement it into my drawing.

For instance I used to draw birds with there heads bigger than there body or as big as there body as an example but with a lot of birds over the course of the years iv been wildlife watching iv noticed there heads tend to look smaller in comparison to there body. So my drawings may change over time in this sense but it’s unlikely my style that Iv allways drawn in will change

I forgot to send these

First this is the drawing I did when I went on holiday to Dorset I went to Godlingston Nature Reserve and saw some Barn Swallows but I couldn’t take a picture so once they left I decided to draw in my sketch book before it’s time to go. I finished the drawing when I came back to Gloucestershire last Monday

And I drew some geese recently

And a portrait

This is what some of my drawings looked like a few years ago when I went to the Forest of Dean some are from other places too

I drew a picture of the ant wasp and bee family

And I drew a picture of the river Wye I saw from Godrics

I drew a snake one day but when I drew Wildlife I drew Wildlife behaviours I observed aswell not just Wildlife drawings in general and I still do now since it’s one of things I’m interested in. I drew birds and other animals differently than I do now but I still have the same style in a sense
My squirrels and foxes swans and geese and Woodpigeons etc were less realistic than they are now