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I didn’t find any from a couple of years ago due to the fact I drew what my speacial interest was back then. Il see if I can find the drawings from my bird of prey encounter in April in 2019 and drawings I made from then onwards I don’t have any from before my bird of prey encounter so thats the best I have to show what my drawing was like but the ones abouve were from a few years ago

from this morning 17th october

Bird flying past a hurricane

next i drew a 3 dimensional Wildlife picture of a tawny owl next to a staircase in front of the moon and as iv said before i prefer drawing from memory snd imaganation to copying or traceing so its not copyed or traced. im good at 3 dimensional drawing and ilusions not just 2d drawing

i know my owls but iv never had the oportunity to see a wild one. iv only heard one. and iv never got to actualty see wild Barn owls before so after seeing 2 Barn owls flying low over the garden that is attached to a field and over the cottage that was my very first sighting and so i imedietly felt like drawing barn owls after that and so i have done a few drawings of the ghostly barn owl


close ups

I’m an infrequent visitor to the forum but this thread caught my eye. I did a couple of drawings for my grandaughter a couple of years ago - I think it’s the last time I drew anything!

Hopefully you’ll know what they are…


those are really really good drawings. your a good drawrer. the top one is a Kingfisher. the middle one is an osprey and the bottom one is a golden eagle. all of the drawings are very realistic and thanks for shareing your drawings with us

All identified correctly too - so they must be ok :sunglasses:

When can we expect some drawings of Ichneumonidae? Seriously, though, you should develop your talent which is impressive.

ha ha probably never on the Ichneumonids. I might pick some pencils up again when I retire, maybe - won’t be too long in the future. However, I get cabin fever easily and much prefer to get out and about which tends to take a lot of my time up. So many places to see, so much wildlife to be discovered.

Zo - I noticed you like owls but don’t see them very often. I have a few photos you might like to use to draw from. You can still put your style on them - it’s not necessary to try and replicate a photo - artistic licence is a great thing.

I’ll find them and post them here.


A nice set, Al! Snowy owls are big beasts - they have one at our local wildlife centre.

Yes they are. All these photos were taken of Owls from the Raptor Foundation in Cambridgeshire, either at their location or at the RAF Waddington Airshow. I volunteered there, probably 10 years ago now, so got to spend some time with some wonderful birds - a mixture of cleaning their quarters, feeding, weighing and assisting with the flying displays.
All the birds are rescued in some way and can’t be released into the wild. Non-native smuggled into the country, ex pet birds that were either confiscated for one reason or another or donated when people could no longer care for the animal. They also take injured birds and release back into the wild where possible.
One of these owls was in the film Harry Potter Goblets of Fire. Subsequently taken from the owner by the RSPCA.

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I usualy prefer drawing from memory to copying or traceing.

im good at , copying, tracing and drawing from memory and from imaganation but i find I prefer drawing from memory or imaganation. drawing from memory comes naturaly cause iv done it since i was little

its usualy drawings of wildlife i have seen after encounters or from ones iv seen in the past or recently and cam be from any time frame no matter how long or short the time frame is between after the encounter and when i start to draw it

i can draw almost anything from memory regardless of if its wildlife or not but my main interest is wildlife exspecialy birds of prey like buzzards, red kites, kestrels and owls so my drawing is mainly wildlife drawing

if someone were to describe someone they know or describe any wildlife they see to me in words only and without an image i would be able to draw from the description alone which iv done on many ocasions i would be able to draw a very good picture very similar or almost completely acurate picture

and people usualy tell me it looks just liks what they saw

i dont usualy copy from or draw feom photos iv seen but cause I can draw from memory if Iv looked at a photo then I can remember what was in the photo and what it looked like and then go off and draw that without looking at it while im drawing

so seeing your photos which are very good and cause iv seem them now and youv given me permision to use the drawings i could go off and draw the owls in it then send it and then you and the otherw could compare my drawing to the photos and give me feedback on what yiu rhink of it i think that would be interesting

A member of the local fungal group is a super artist and brings his water colours with him to paint the fungi he finds. He just finds a log or boulder to sit on and off he goes. He can capture a good likeness in a few minutes. I’ve got some photos of him in action so to speak and will post an observation of one his paintings without adding an ID to see if anyone can recognise it.

thats is a good idea

I prefer to draw things from memory not from photos in any way or drawing things during an encounter. aswell as from memory I like to draw things from imaganation. if i know what something looks like i can draw it otherwise I would need someone to describe what something looked like to draw a bird for them
although I havnt seen this specific bird in real life before I have seen snippets in Wildlife documentarys and what not so I know what this species looks like and today I wanted to draw this species so Iv drawn it when I was waiting for an apointment with my support worker this morning and finished it off when I got back

im going to colour it in but im not going to reveal what it is until you have guessed

guess that bird