MORE gremlins (March 2023)

Following on from Gremlins againnnn - #415 by Chris_Valentine

Crash about 9pm 13th included the Forum. back online after about 6 minutes. Then down again but with Forum up.
Looks like my fault again!

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I did get a few time-outs late AM into early PM.
It looks OK again now.

……for whatever reason icons are not being generated for new users even when several high ranking iSpotters have added agreements.

Do you mean the “earned reputation” icons that appear after their names? I don’t believe either of the users who have submitted those two observations have accrued enough reputation yet to earn a badge.

something (drastic) has changed. A single agreement from a 2 iconner (and above) should generate, has always generated, the first Icon
I have been using agreements for years to award First Icons.
It has only very recently changed
PLEASE check the code that awards the first Icon - it is imperative we are able give newcomers a first one. I did it for you, I remember. Users are often expressively grateful.

Yes something definitely wrong here.

Just looking at this now. The reputation thresholds are hard-wired into the script as follows:
const LEVEL_1 = 0;
const LEVEL_2 = 2;
const LEVEL_3 = 10;
const LEVEL_4 = 75;
const LEVEL_5 = 500;
const LEVEL_6 = 1000;

It ‘fell over’ for me earlier today, but recovered quickly. But, clearly, the Gremlins are up to no good.

Nevertheless, we need to be able to award first Icons (as well as gain)

I asked her to add another observation, she actually added the same one again and again there was no reputation gained. so something definitely wrong

Ah, I wondered why she had added a duplicate. Thanks

Looks like there is quite a large issue here not only affecting this one user which Chris is working on now.

One could look to see if any reputation scores are changing - save a snapshot of the values, and see if any have changed a day later. (Naively, it’s more likely that the whole update has broken than it’s specifically affecting new users.)

The individual actions that contribute to reputation are being saved - its just the table of overall figures that isn’t - and that’s only for new users. In theory I can re-created the totals.

Have just pushed a fix to the live server that should address the issue. It was down to incorrect logic in a test on the overall reputation scores tables - it was failing to create new entries in the table for instances where a user had no existing reputation in a given group. Fortunately the script will correct the overall scores when anything is done to affect their reputation - such as adding another observation or receiving agreements on their identifications.

There appears to be no live server from my standpoint. Might just be the flakey Internet

Looks OK here. And while touching wood, it appears to have been more stable for the last 24 hour or so.

Good you were able to find the cause and fix the issue. Thanks

Also good that the community spotted the issue and alerted us.