MORE gremlins (March 2023)

something of a mystery tour this evening - disappeared with a refrseh

Yes, that’s a timing issue - the template to build the page has loaded but for some reason its not grabbed the translation of the text. Harmless but rather cryptic. Hopefully when the web side of iSpot is rebuilt, that will be a thing of the past.

I’m being unobservant again…
I know that the sidebar (including the map) are hidden when I contribute to a post (e.g. a comment). But didn’t it then reappear after finishing (and the subsequent screen ‘refresh’)? It doesn’t seem to, now.

A full page refresh - as happens when you post a comment - should trigger the map to re-appear. Having said that, I’m just trying adding a comment now and the right-side column hasn’t changed - maybe it depends on the width of the browser window?

I suspect you might think this has been fixed (Amadan’s issue is different) @Chris_Valentine
I add a reply to a comment; some way through it, I may wish to check the location - it’s not there.
I can copy the URL and open a new Tab but that is boring
Refreshing removes my comment, so I could copy the comment, then refresh, then begin again
I may well be the only one affected by this small issue

ISpot currently incredibly slow to load at moment for me.

There were two big outages yesterday but the site recovered on its own. Not a problem with iSpot itself - I put it down to “external influences”.

Having put the code for the right column back to how it was, any change to the URL (such as #new appearing on the end) will make the code thing you’ve gone to a different page and hide the map. I’m afraid I can’t think of a way around this because if I change the “blanking” code again, if you go to another observation you end up with another place marker on the map, and so on.

OK, you can only try y’r best and it’s good enogh for me