Reverted to a Backup?

Well done and thank you for being brave… And a big thanks for updating on here for us too! It really all does help us to get there, or to get closer to us being there.

Oh dear. That is frustrating. I have had to clear all my open pages down properly and log out completely before logging in again. I’m finding my Google browser more effective than Edge. Is this on a mobile device or on a laptop/pc?

PC, Windows 10, Chrome.

I have this afternoon uploaded two observation. Both worked satisfactorily, no problems experienced.

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I am feeling your pain. But perhaps not as much as that dead shore crab…we shall see. If it does successfully load, I will most certainly jump on that observation and give it some interaction! And thank for you persevering…It is extremely helpful for us so we can let our IT Team know that there are still ongoing problems and the specifics…so they can be remedied.

Thanks and yes, all very good points; keep it simple for now. Thanks for persevering :wink:

Thank goodness for that! And good to hear! :slight_smile:

Have added a few more and all OK at the mo.

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Last evening, and again this morning, the Plants carousel is hanging. Trying to get the same effect by filtering the observations list resulted in an empty list.

Observations are displaying faster than they used to, but 524s are also more common.

I’ve also noticed that filtering the top carousel has been extremely slow for the past few weeks. We don’t know if that’s the cause of the crashes, or an indication of an issue with the code. We are running the same code on a “staging” server and we see the same issue - that server doesn’t crash but that could simply be because it sees hardly any traffic.

Always a good test of how the server and code is running is to use the Explore Community Filter Map
No need to filter just ask for the map and keep refreshing (show more Observations) to increase the demand on the Code.
it used to falter at the 8th refresh and I have had to wat for over 3 minutes lately for some of my Project Maps to do the 4th refresh, eventually simply failing, even when the site is running quite well.

Currently19:45 6th Oct it is working like LIGHTNING (4 secs a click) - it has NEVER been as fast!
I am using Win 10, Chrome and downloading at 6.4Mbs

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Dear all

Please note the following Notification now posted on iSpot:
iSpot will be offline from 4 p.m today October 7, 2021!: There have been some technical problems with the iSpot website and we will take the site offline for a few hours from 4 p.m. today to apply fixes. Look out for further updates on this. We apologise for any continuing inconvenience and thanks for your patience!

For completeness I’d note that the site seemed to be running well this morning (though the Changes Tracker was, as usual, slow to complete.)
However, a few minutes ago I was back to “No changes available”. Reloading the page resulted in 500 Internal Error. A further reload brought up the Changes Tracker but with changes since my last visit not highlighted.

Early days, I know, but the initial signs are encouraging. The site seems to be running smoothly and fast; even the Changes Tracker, which was previously taking around 1:40 to load is now down to just over 20 seconds.
Many thanks for your continued efforts.

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Filtering of the home page carousel of observations is still very slow - I’m struggling to find all the bits of code that build that particular query. But now we have access to the “slow query log” I can work through them and optimise each one in turn.
We’ve also reduced the number of search engines permitted to “spider” the site because they do account for a lot of traffic.


Thanks @Chris_Valentine
i like the little underline bookmark which changed today

Can you possibly prevent the duplication? So all we see are relevant changes?
ALL our own activity is properly in the Activity Tracker.

I would be preperred to wait for the dust to settle after the outages before reporting duplicates as they may have come from backup copies that were taken while sorting it out.

Yes, three actions reported wrt two different posts but surely all have to be reported separately so that anyone searching for, for example, comments by dejayM or for edits by dejayM would find them?

No-one can search someone-else’s Changes Tracker - it is private
ONLY our own activity is recorded in the searchable Activity Tracker - which is searchable by anyone (it is not private).
All our own activity is DUPLICATED (has been duplicated since the 2017 Recode) and is unnecessary.
I find that a real nuisance but perhaps I am the only one - someone should say.

I agree this is not the time to suggest improvements but gentle requests like this get forgotten even ignored. I will continue to request them until someone tell me to stop. Improvements requested

and so
Today the new version of the Tracker became available. I am, REALLY appreciative.
Thanks then to the Coding Team.