S l o w (and some extra characters)

It is also affecting the gallery.

Yes filtering and similar has been slow for a while.

It’s almost impossible to check through the recent observations because you have to wait so long for the pictures to reload once you have followed up on just one observation.

The gallery does remain loaded once it is up.

Thanks, Ref, that is a helpful point. Hadn’t thought of using that to review recent sightings!

Same again today:

It’s the same for me and ‘ UK and Ireland latest observations’ are still not loading.

Yes, gallery very slow to load. I tried two laptops.

Programmer looking into this but it may be more tricky to fix this time.

I tried, just now, revisiting my promise to DO the May Observation of the Month.
Display, Filtering and Searching (all needed for completion) are making it nearly impossible
Anyone would have the same problem. But I am still on the case.

Yes, loading the list of latest observations is taking ages for me. Perhaps it should acknowledge the issue somewhere on the homepage and say it’s being looked into so at least it gives an explanation to new users which might encourage them to bear with it.

The programmers are very busy with other things this week but do know how urgent the problem is for ispot. It could be a very difficult problem to fix this time as Chris, previous programmer, implemented most of the optimisations that were possible to speed up things when it slowed down on previous occasions. May need a more major overhaul. Will put out front page message when more is known about the issue, possibly tomorrow.

Good luck!
Refugee’s trick is still working for me.

If it helps with diagnosis, the global carousel is behaving perfectly well.

‘UK and Ireland latest observations’ load when I first open the homepage but do not reload after I open an observation.

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And again:

I suspect this is a timeout but might not be as I found something similar on a different part of the site. I was able to find a workaround for that but can’t suggest anything for the one you show. The programmers are looking into it but as mentioned it may be a difficult one to fix this time.

I get that, regularly. It is to do with the speed that the iServer responds - SLOWLY.
I suspect either your device or the Browser (Chrome?) simply gets impatient and hangs up the links. I have found that low level refreshing often fixes it, sometimes very quickly because half of the material is already in your buffer. Refresh on a Windows PC is f5, can’t speak for phones.

It has been working correctly for the last few hours.

It has now gone slow again.