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Please tag all your UK Seaweed observations Marine Alga.
See them here

Not quite the correct place, but hoping that you will know what to do so that this observation isn’t lost

Thanks M

…leads to a failed link - it used to succeed, all those month ago
Try How rediculous! Just imagine asking someone to type “https, colon, forward slash…”…etc…just imagine…
Better typing Marine Alga into iSpot Search and risk a few distractions

As you know I’m trawling through Miked’s project, Other Organisms. Anyway, I’ve found a marine alga post which youve already commented on. Wondering if you’d be willing to add another identification and change the group. Many thanks.

Another seaweed for identification.

Yes, Kelly had posted a whole series of very nice posts in October last year, I failed to spot any of her Marines (Joe and Jo had been to some posts) - bad.of ME though.
But she has already left, I suspect. We ALL need to spot beginners here, leave welcoming comments, as well as IDs and agreements. The forum would be a good place to note new posters, so we can add welcome note where appropriate - do you think?.
Thanks H…

Probably not possible for anyone to find all the marine alga posts especially when like this one from 2013 they are tagged Other Organisms.

Another UI seaweed in Other Organisms

Here is another UI seaweed

Came across this sea’weed on Other Organisms. It has three different IDs. Anyone able to agree or add a revised ID?

Can you have at this UI observation, I think the algae is sun bleached Ulvaceae.

This recent ob’ includes two descriptive tags - ‘Marine Alga’ and ‘Marine Algae’ and, of course, each tag links to a different selection of Obs. You probably know this!

Thanks Helen. - a rare Irish seaside (-holiday) Observation. Each ob is (supposed to be) only one algae; however, the tag is not YET used.
One day, when iSpot expands Groups and correctly EXcludes Algae from Plants (but NOT like in iSpotZa, where seaweeds are other Organisms - Chus sayin’), then a useful collecting tag will be…well… useful, for the small band of well-paid Curators to have a cheap ball.
Another might then be as useful - FRESHWATER Algae <<KLIK?

Hi, these observations were posted when your back was turned.

Marine Stuff Updated

Isn’t it time for a Fungi one, maybe Mosses, Moths or Butterflies. Flowers even? How to observe, what to include in an Observation - HOW to get the best ID. Links to Resource, External help, World news - anything…everything…

Oh…seeweads are still going strong :heart::heart:(klik)

Time to refresh this thread by adding an UI Global Seaweed for ID.