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Shifting Banners

full marks to :heart:Helen​:heart: (HB) on the ball as ever

This recent observation has an incomplete ID panel. Please read the comments. Can anyone suggest an alternative identification.

From the UI Inverts. The observation has an incomplete ID panel and the species name is not in the drop down. A lot of effort has gone into the Id and it would be a shame to lose it. Anyone able to add a complete ID panel?

Observation with an incomplete ID panel, from the UI Inverts Project

The observer’s ID is probably correct albeit the ID panel is incomplete. The species is not in the drop down list and I added the wrong ID (and made an invert a plant!). Please have a look and ‘fix’ my error as best as you can.

dejay has waved his magic wand and fixed this one.

We need Derek to wave his magic wand again…see comments

This needs a Banner Shift BUT please read the comments first

WRONG IDs with Banner. PLEASE HELP shift someone, anyone, @miked
1 thanks mike

2 thanks mike

3 thanks mike

4 thanks mike

5 thanks mike

6 thanks mike

7 thanks mike

8 thanks mike

Hi, I’ve already added agreements to the posts. Just in case you’re wondering who looked at the observations and didn’t agree. Hopefully someone else can.

Yes, I have put these up before Shifting Banners, it’s just the same people visiting again and again…it is SUCH a shame they are not seen in Other Observations and that no-one has a strong enough reputation.

I’ve had a go at this

We are stuck in other observations with this seedling.
I have tried a couple of times to get it back into plants without success.

Horse power
can YOU shift my banner please

Can anyone help Marlandza shift the banner. Moss.

Still invalid

A flawed Slime mould ID needs a few agreements to get it into the Project

A moth (of all things) needs a Community shift - please?

Lichen. The Likely Banner is with the incomplete ID panel. Anyone able to agree Maryargyll’s identification to shift the Banner, if not, please add a new/complete Usnea ID panel.

An old but wasted Observation that needs a banner shift (please?) :white_check_mark:
and a couple of others
People are STILL agreeing to ‘black’ Panels and thus INVALIDATING precious observations