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@Jo_Parmenter, @Tiggrx: After a little research I’ve agreed with Commelina ( on the grounds of floral symmetry, and commented to that effect.

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Why dont you rather follow established protocols?

go to the home page: and see news:
Help Confirm s African observations

near the bottom you will find:
That wont help (sorry: I cannot edit my own pages anymore on this version of iSpot) you so try:

and follow instructions.

Deleting observations to get an ID is unethical.

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that’s done - thanks for ‘sorting it out’

@Jo_Parmenter Welcome - added another comment - my last for a while!

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I still don’t know how any of this works - I thought I’d return to see if there had been any meaningful progress - then this caught my eye:
Could I post links here to my observations that haven’t gotten I.D’s or comments yet?
Me Too!!! Just sometimes maybe a comment like “You’re wasting your time here!!” will make me feel that it’s not just a computer that looks at my pics.
When I think of the time and effort that has gone into my posts - not to mention the frustration from the system. Then I look at the response I get to posts on the UK Community site and realise that it must be the Southern African community that has the problem. I see that Nicky vB also has some truly splendid posts and no response.
Here’s an example: Why has nobody “agreed”? There is there an option of agreeing without the “subsp”? I’ll try that.
And what was the tag that Tony was referring to?
PS You may find my lichen pics (and Nicky’s) with the tag LICHEN-ZA; I also have a few LICHEN-UK.

Not true. Look carefully. Despite what you claim the link is only to the genus and not the species!!

Dont be fooled: iSpot did not find the species, and so it used the common name to link to the genus. And you were fooled. BAD PROGRAMMING: HORRIBLE BUG! And do you think that they will fix it???

Outramps CREW Uitzigt 216 Portion 39 - it was wrong. It is now fixed. Click on it to open the collection.

PLEASE do not follow the @marlandza thread here.
PLEASE reserve this thread for CHANGES NOTIFICATIONS

Yes, I saw that " And you were fooled."- I wasn’t fooled - well I think that’s what you mean.
Being FOOLISH I’m looking at iSpot again - and it’s probably a mistake :anguished:

Thanks Tony - I need to fill up 20 Characters -Done

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