Some favourites

The July fave

Busy Bees. Lovely action packed observation from August

A mystery! “Strange orange filaments on wood”

I regret not reading the comments before I took off (went into orbit) - apologies.

My Day-favourite - something we should all know about

a DayFave

September favourite because the patience, persistence, photography and creativity shown are exemplary.

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Not a rarity, not an unusual location, nor a particularly great photo: but a thoroughly entertaining post nonetheless.
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:+1: My pudding of the day. Thoroghness in illustration

This post is indeed well illustrated. A good choice for Favourite of the Day.

:+1: DayFave - excellent treatment.

A seasonally apt observation, dbharries’ first post.

A good question!
Beautifully illustrated with a helpful description.

Day-fave picture - (no comment for years)

Yesteryear’s fave, found today.

Something special from iSpot’s back catalogue

Worth a look…

Something different and worth a look.

Day Favourite (9th Nov) - a rare Observation from Japan, thr first from this user

It is worth looking at the Satellitite image at full screen and zoomed in

Quality observation and a valuable record