Some remarkable plants from Chile being posted on ispot

Some remarkable plants being posted on ispot by jcorrie e.g.
a bird pollinated tiny plant.

Yes, I agree. John battles on here despite all his difficulties with the Dictionary and iSpot’s ‘ways’.
He does well in iNat but retains his loyalty here because a few of us helped him get properly established last year. He was the promotional subject of my Temp Project Tasmania (now unpublished).
So how about keeping this Thread alive Global Observations

Here’s a reflection of some of John’s battles last year - I devised the tag ‘absent1’ just for him!
Nice compact link eh?
But it is truly GLOBAL

And then, this eve, i read this

That is a shame as I had just asked people at Kew if there was anyone who had suitable knowledge of plants of that area who could take a look at his observations.

You could do much worse than speaking to ‘your own (ex)’