The unidentifiables

I have an idea - will you help?
I have started a GLOBAL BASED project called the unidentifiables.
NOT the difficult ones but maybe the humerus ones, the impossible ones, the unlikely ones, the downright interesting ones - you choose, I decide as it’s my project!

Can you find some? Link them here please

I think the picture for your project is some sort of primitive cell.

It sounds like it ought to be the title for a group of entities possessing super-powers :slight_smile:

Amdwn- NoK-cells like that are still cooler than Smarties
JoP - You and the other Jo fit that description well (EPS-Ps)
Com’on now, suggest some posts for inclusion - the Jedi-Curator is interested

Never got proper ID on this.

Reminds me of a bryozoan zooid… I’ll have a think about the species.

Here is one from 2013, odd as it is I suspect you may know what it is.

I can’t make the link work - can you help please

Beaten - really like a half digested gold ball.
Accepted for the Project UNLESS it can be IDd! Anyone?

Unidentifiable? Try this.

Yes, nominated…Thanks

Declined! thatnks… Though I have ruined the Group (from Fish to Slime). But I will fix that later today

He looks familiar and his name is on the tip of my tongue…

Another one declined. But I don’t know who he is either. Thanks though

this one

anyone in for an ID?

And this

Orange Quercus perhaps or an Unidentifiable. Anyone?
(I ignored the Forum Brain’s “Rather than several replies to a topic in a row, please consider a single reply that includes quotes from previous posts or @name references.”)

The knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone …

There are potentially 12 Obs already earmarked for this Project. Only Miked can add the magic tag to others’s posts so I am waiting for his return.
I am looking for more NOMINATIONS and for this The spectacular which is not yet a Project but a Thread


robert walker (ranon.2011) stopped posting in 2014
More please…