Unable to access

Have been uploading photos and commenting on other posts periodically throughout the day. The site became mega slow at 4pm. I restarted the computer but since then I haven’t been able to access it at all. No error message, just a continual whirling circle (don’t know the technical term). This is the same on Firefox and Chrome. It’s now after 5pm.
I will try again later but am wondering if it’s just me.

Nah! The gremlins are celebrating Christmas too. @Chris_Valentine has been on their case but I hope he’s getting some holiday as well. See Changes Tracker this morning - - #12 by Thistle

Didn’t honestly expect a response from anyone today, Ian but thank you! After laughing at Morecombe and Wise (sad, I know), I have

Error 524

Ray ID: 6c34e4f91f2a067e • 2021-12-25 20:42:10 UTC

A timeout occurred

I hope Chris is having a break from the gremlins too!

Thank you! It’s perfect at 7.54am today!

Same here - but the internet as a whole was very, very tardy here last night: I ended up watching live TV, before quickly losing the will to live and rebooting the PC to play some non-line games.

It’s having another tantrum now.

running slowly but hey, someone went to the Server last eve (Christmas day) and rebooted.
I am SO relieved this morning to see my Christmas Project Running and yesterday’s Observations being piled in. Slow is better than no…innit…

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Quite so and I’m very grateful! I’ll be toasting the techie :wine_glass:

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Feeling guilty since I had a long period of not being logged on at all due to Christmas!! But now have found there were problems. Even trying to do a couple of things this evening before logging off was really difficult because things were so slow, just thought it was the internet and people downloading films…

Take care all.

This is the worst period of problems we’ve had to date with the new server architecture - and we don’t really know what’s causing the issue - other than to say the database server gets swamped and runs out of available connections. Its not down to the network as this forum hasn’t blinked an eye.

Thanks again for your help!

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Yes, thanks for working on it while others have time off.

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Not quite true, the Forum was inaccessible for periods.
Nevertheless it was a good effort - HUGE thanks

I was unaware of any forum outage and visited on numerous occasions while the main site was down or struggling.

I overslept this morning: the gremlins, it seems did not:

And the main page:

Some parts of the site have been slow for me this morning but not had a 500 error yet. I have mentioned slowness to team

Thanks for comment. Very slow for me, loading anything just for a look not an option at the mo!

So far today I’ve had “No changes available” a couple of times but not (yet!) “500 - Internal Error”.

Spoke too soon. Gremlins have awakened from their post-prandial nap and “500 - Internal Error” has restarted.

I’ve just had the 504 error! Disconcerting but have been adding observations made on Christmas Day (trying to conform to Derek’s timeline) and that all seems to have worked even though interrupted at times by the spinning lines.
Just come back to add that I’m struggling with data collection for my New Year’s Day iBlitz project and got the time out error again.