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Unusable again - no really it is and now this is more than 15 characters

System seems unusably slow again. Filters and tracker timing out with no records found. Pages taking minutes to open. Can someone go into the system and tighten the elastic bands that keep it running please.

No slower than usual for me - but I keep getting this error in the forum:

Sorry folks - for some reason the servers are running particularly slowly at the moment.

Hey folks, remember when we had dial-up modems? Even at its slowest, current speeds are nothing short of miraculous.

I think the site is misbehaving this morning. Incredibly slow and sometimes fails to load.
I have wind of a Server issue that may last awhile @Chris_Valentine and @miked
i can get to London!

Definite gremlins here, too :frowning:

Friday 30 May 1955: further problems. Put another bob in the meter and wind the lacky band, please!

Ditto. Pages taking ages to load and changes tracker isn’t working.

I had to give up - thought it was my computer. Then wondering if it may have something to do with the end of the month.
But I’m happy again,

The server people were working on other parts of network over the weekend (Fri-Mon) and this seems to have affected iSpot even though it should not have. I also noticed the database server was also slow e.g. when looking at projects with lots of points, think there is now more monitoring on this so we should be able to keep a closer eye on things.

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