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A long term link is not possible as it will change every week.
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Needs support, needs a volunteer for FRIDAYS

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Sounds like a good idea, will help us to learn how to identify and spot those things that we often overlook perhaps. Asplenium ferns is a good one to try (in my view anyway) as there are not many species, some are relatively common but others much less so. They are also relatively easy to identify if you look at the right parts.

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I enjoyed going through the Asplenium - a change from Rescues, Ichneumonidae and Moths!
Mags has promised one in early Feb. So unless someone volunteers soon I’m on again 29th.
It IS generating interest (honest!) - a few are adding agreements at least. I need to come away from Inverts and Fungi - my yellow ‘intray’ is full of those.

With Asplenium there are some problems with cryptic species, but if you restrict yourself to Britain and Ireland the only problem (other than nomenclature) is with the Asplenium trichomanes complex, which I think should be split (3 species present in Britain, plus hybrids), but several of the other taxa are part of polyploid complexes, but with only one cytotype recorded here. In a splitters’ classification British Asplenium obovatum are Asplenium billottii; in the other cases it is the name-bearing cytotype that is present here.

I inadvertently searched iSpotZA for them, quite a surprise.
And I was going to ‘do’ the Polypodia but saw it was going to lead to difficulties!
Here’s one https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/view/observation/138938/fern-of-some-sort

Wikipedia says that worldwide there are 700 species. If you look further, into Asplenium nidus, you’ll find that covers several cryptic species (and it’s not just variation between cytotypes in that instance).

The :heart:Guide is here - Bookings are open now, the rewards are great! (removed preview) https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/view/project/817720/-weekly-ifocus-guide
This link will break in the next couple of weeks, as I try to keep the Guide in the Home Page Project list. My intention is to RENEW the project as the list decays. We are allowed 28 days to Edit posts like this so I may just make it.
Still looking for Volunteers (bookings) - the Idea will otherwise DIE.

I really enjoyed trying the first non-Derek Weekly iFocus, and I have learned quite a bit too. The Guide is helpful and I got all the help I needed, thanks! It’s a way of supporting deeper engagement with the site, I think.

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yes Mags, a delight to watch its progress. Too late for everyone now, it’s gone!
We NEED more volunteers - March approaches (preview removed)

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March approaches? It’s only Feb 7th where I am.

Is this you making a Booking Jo?
Available from March
As it’s only February down there, you have three weeks to get it ready.

:heart:iFocus is working well. It is gathering pace and interest. We few are piling in resource, agreements, counter-IDs and comments. It is a good opportunity to ‘popularise’ an organism
Please consider contributing.

I can do some more, pretty flexible on when (until the Man-Cave and the nature reserves re-open - see,f’rinstance https://www.facebook.com/woodwaltonandholmefens)

The 5th March is available but may be too soon for you - I’d like to wait for that to be filled (someone MIGHT just be inspired) as I can take it at short notice. Otherwise 19th March is available at half price (does not include the flights, food, lift passes or use of the nursery slopes)
19th then?

Ok. 19th. Now adding waffle padding characters so the Gremlins will accept this.


Still looking for Bookings - half price offers, last minute refunds

One week only - an easy proposition. no need for demanding work, use it to LEARN MORE about one organism

This week’s iFocus - Asteroidea https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/view/project/818845/-weekly-ifocus-asteroidea
The process for creating an iFocus was really straightforward and ENJOYABLE! So much so, I’m volunteering to do another. You too?

So how to book in or book up or just book a session, think I might like to do one on Primrose if noone else wants to do that one and hopefully relatively soon before then finish. They do have a long flowering season though.