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Another great iFocus.

Another GREAT fortnightly iFocus has begun LOOK in the Projects Panel on the home page…

PLEASE take a little time to show support for the new iBlitz’s as well

Next one New Year’s day - to coincide with the BSBI one https://bsbi.org/new-year-plant-hunt
LOOK in the Projects Panel for updates in the :heart:iFocus Guide

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Did try the edit again option to add a 10th but no joy, the confirm button would not appear! Never mind

we are allowed only ten photos in a project. It is possible to add it but subsequent edits won’t save until you remove the tenth. You can add the tenth but if you do a text edit afterwards, you cannot save.
The only way to add 10th is to add it and do nothing else - best then to have only 9!
I overcome this by having the 10th ready to add when I do a ‘final’ edit and save the text in one go
Try an edit, add the photo, do NOTHING else and save.
I have just done it here - https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/view/project/278717/ otherwise all my project have a max of 9 photos.
Boring eh?
The same problem occurs in Observations where 15 is the limit - reduce to 14 to complete edits,

Don’t miss the supplement here ❤️ iFOCUS Extras (Now thoroughly hearty, thanks to dejayM) - #2 by Amadan
Last day for mere mortals
and a new one for the weekend https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/view/project/835410/
Bookings needed to 2022 - hurry

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PLEASE help find Riccardoella
:heart:Here https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/view/project/835895/ifocus-rascal-riccardoella

:heart:iFocus Riccardoella

I’ve just been through last ten years worth of Budapest slugs (not so many, and not counting Hannah’s, she will have checked her own) to see if I can see some mites - and have left messages for observers where I found some, hopefully encouraging them to re-post image(s) with Ricardoella ID.

There are lots of them, that’s the good news. Hope some of the observers can take the time to do that!

Each day, for another week, there are 15 (up to 20) banners to be shifted here
Christmas Days
Link changed and review review removed (by ðJ) https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/view/project/836598/
62 Observations so far - 55 in 2013 was the record. About 163 Observations rescued (locked banners shifted)

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Begins and ends tomorrow - help break another record

Tremendous variety of observations submitted by iSpotters. Some familiar species and some definitely not so much, lots of investigating done by contributors. And there will still be some to come.


Brilliant, thanks to all who contributed to the New Year iBlitz. It’s about to disappear. Look out for a new :heart:iFocus later this week.

Focus on the Pectinidae here
PLEASE support it

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You do motivate me - wondering if this would have dropped off - had hoped someone else (who knows more about these critters than I do) might have noticed it.
Think you’ll like this @dejayM https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/southern-africa/view/observation/836971/sea-slug

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Request: iFocus / iBlitz projects need longer life for review – please do not delete!
Hi there, belated Happy New Year greeting to you all! I’ve been off on a little break, and have been catching up on iSpot activity and wanted to make a request.

We are conducting reviews and research of Community activity and the iFocus / iBlitz projects are an important element of this. Could you therefore not delete projects but leave them with an adjusted title? Hopefully keeping them for their historic value for an interim period will not impact on the overall goals of the series, do let me know if there are any issues about this. I will be in touch again soon to pick up on the discussion and share more about the ideas we have for this.

Thanks so much!!


I did delete the New Year’s Day iFocus, so all the comments are gone. I kept this one: https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/view/project/830448/uk-seals-telling-them-apart about the two common species of UK seals, and you’ll see the comment trail there. However the very valuable interaction in that project was the development of agreement levels in those seal observations captured by the date filter and the useful comments made at particular observations .

I have a couple I will amend the titles on to include ex-iFocus.

I have deleted all exept one of mine. They are ALL repeatable using the Explore Community Filter.
What you might be asking is for the Comments to be retained but, whilst incredibly valuable to the pretty small community who are participating in iFocus, most are just ‘discussions’ about the subject.
It is working as I intended and the (my) rule WAS to delete afterwards OR keep the Project as valuable Personal space by removing ALL the comments and changing the title.
To be honest there is little Historical interest in the average iFocus but you have noted the passion being expressed therein.
The purpose of iFocus is to drill into and enhance existing Observations and possibly promote wider interest in specific Organisms, regions or, perhaps, people.

Surely if you are “conducting reviews and research of Community activity” then all you might require is in existing Observations and their comments. You may also like to support, enhance and expand the work&play theme as part of your quest, I would support a much greater Admin-interest in that.

I think you could run an Admin project from the Home page that could quickly gather input regarding passion, aspirations, pleasure, historical recollections and anecdotes.
Please don’t tamper with the ‘simple’ iFocus concept.

Here’s the thing, The iFocus idea was thought up and is coordinated by dejay, an individual member of our group and others of us have joined in.

As I see it, if Janice is doing a review of Community Activity for the OU and other sponsors, then something that has come from an individual member and to which quite a number of us other members have contributed to - and some have even prepared their own iFocus projects - could well be a valuable asset for the review.

These days the evidence of participation is not to be underestimated. So I would say, don’t delete the ifocus projects because a good review could carry weight with those in charge so they keep supporting iSpot.

I agree and would add that there may well be others who would like to be able to look back at previous iFoci. Perhaps Janice might be able to recover deleted projects from backups, at least for her research purposes.