Wildife in the garden

I thought it might be nice to share photos and storys of time with nature in the garden I take lots of photos and have lots of storys to tell from my interactions sometimes so thought Id do a post and share them with everyone

Yesterday I couldn’t take any photos but cause I sat still I saw various wildlife about which Might not of been brave if I wasn’t still. A click beetle on my leg a weevil on my leg and a few bees didn’t hesitate to pollinate dandelions in close proximity or fly low over my head if you sit down for an hour Wildlife start to see you like your part of the environment Woodpigeons come down sometimes and blackbirds come down to forage and a Robin sometimes visits while I’m sat in the garden aswell


9th May

Red tailed Bumblebee on my Butterfly Blue Beuaty plant

Good photos, Zo. Why not post them, one species at a time, on the main part of the site and have a go at identifting them? If you have no idea what they are, just leave the identification section blank and hope someone else can help.

Its not that I have no idea what they are I just prefer to leave them blank sometimes. The ones That I don’t know what they are I send them to the main website then label it. Like other posts I make on here The post isn’t for identification. I use the main site for that instead so In the community I don’t wait for an identification it’s just about the photos And what iv been doing in the garden aswell as the story the photos tell. The post isn’t for things like identification. I might send (all) the photos iv taken when I go in the garden sometimes on here but if I don’t know what one of them is I send it to the main site and ask cause I don’t use this forum for identification. I go in the garden and take pictures a lot so On this post its also mainly storys to share from the garden with everyone. Even if I know what a subject is I might leave it blank or I might not. Its mainly a post for garden wildlife and even more so storys cause I have storys to tell in the garden sometimes and also storys I make when I make books and write storys related to garden Wildlife

Iv just had a very strange yet interesting exspeariance I went to sit in front of my border and then a hoverfly atempted to perch on my hand but changed its mind and perched on my bottle I was holding for a long time after it flew off I picked my bottle up and found 2 weevils on each other’s back mateing on my bottle so must of walked onto my bottle to continue mateing while the Hoverfly was on my bottle. I thought il just leave them for now then and wondered how on earth there going to lay eggs productively if there mateing on my bottle. I decided to come back and check if they were off the bottle and they were still there. Luckily they did walk off the bottle eventually I don’t know what I would of done if they were still on there cause I use my bottle a lot. Surely they would of wanted to mate on something more natural than a water bottle right?

I don’t know - their perception of the world must be very different to ours, and a plastic artefact must be beyond their ken. As long as it doesn’t try to trap or eat them, perhaps they don’t mind.

Iv got a fusttraiting scenario a nice tall brassica with bright yellow flowers. mining bees are comeing to pollinate it but cause it’s not where my wildflower border is and they don’t know what it is the people in the house are calling it a weed and there is talk about getting either putting stuff on it or chopping it down. I have been taking pictures of solitary bees in the garden pollinating it and they know I like it but they don’t cause it’s tall and cause it’s tall they see it as a weed rather than nice bright yellow flowers so they can’t wait to see my face once it’s gone so I can either leave it and risk it being chopped down pull it out myself

Im feeling desperate cause I don’t know when there going to do it but I need to do something and it will be a shame cause the mining bees love it and so do I

I was going to go down and do it there then when after finding out but a mining bee took forever pollinateing it then it was time for lunch I don’t really want to pull it up but it seems like I don’t have much choice so I’m stuck

Its not invasive in any way there’s only one so any help or advise with this situation will be appreciated

Ask if you can dig it up and transplant it. If they want rid of it you will be saving them a job.

Ok. Thanks for the Advice