Gremlins againnnn

Still unable to post anything this morning - trying with a (different, single) image.

The good news: I can now upload pictures.
The bad news: I can’t see any of them once I have uploaded:

You have to be keen to contribute at the moment. Deliberately choosing single photograph observations currently, but am running low!

Your optimism and image stores are impressive, @Gulvain :slightly_smiling_face:

I made an observation last night which took forever, trying to load more than one photo as well as other issues.

This morning I was either logged in or logged out (a bit like the infamous cat!) but seemed to be neither, did get in though. Will try an obs while drinking this tea and see what happens………

Do hope things work for the Autumn Equinox tomorrow🤞

The gremlins have got it in for you in particular: I thought I was on their blacklist but can see your - excellent - photos. Perhaps more black cockrels required.

Still having enormous difficulty loading images - it is quite literally taking hours :frowning:

Can’t add even single images again…

Can I ask how large your JPG files are and how many you’re trying to upload in one go? Also what kind of Internet connection you have.

For me, I am currently reducing photo size to about 1mb (from 7.5)
My internet connection delivers a maximus of 7.6mbs - 2kms of copper to a BT Fibre Cabinet
BUT, in the last hour, I was able to upload 7.6Mb photos, just about to try another - watch this space!
The site currently, seems stable - Oh dear what have I said!
Chris, we are all grateful for your recent struggles

Hi Chris - all my photos are less than 1mb (trying to do 5 currently but it won’t even let me add one) our internet is fibre and speed is currently good.

I must admit that after the first time I only load pictures one at time, as multiple selections always seem to hang. I often do other stuff whilst waiting for each one to load. 3 singles seems to load much faster than one triple.

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Trying to load an observation

Able to access other sites without problem

This morning, I managed to upload two (very small) photos of a ladybird. But when I got to entering the species name the in-line dictionary wouldn’t respond at all. Neither could I add any tags to the observation. It’s all very frustrating!!!

Can I also ask what browsers are people using?

running better for the * :sparkles:Equinox iBlitz 2022 check the Map. 15 Obs by 11am
I am PC, Windows 10 and Chrome Version 105.0.5195.127 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Thought I’d found the problem - made a code change but it made no difference. We’re still working on it now though…

But not that well all the time. I am using my iPhone and an iPad, slow to load and now not showing any photos.

I use Windows 10 on a PC and run Firefox as my browser. I cleared my cache after I got a message saying ‘this site has major problems’. I’ll try again.

It worked this time… although it took quite a long time to load two photos, both only about 30Kb.

It’s coming and going, often lovely, sometimes not. A good measure of how well it’s doing is here