Gremlins againnnn

It’s 16.31 and your link above won’t open at all. It’s on and off. I think I’ve managed 5 observations today but the last one wouldn’t load the first photo. I always just do one at a time. I use Firefox on Windows.

This is very sad and should not be happening.

I do posts using Firefox on an ipad.

Does not look like uploads are going to be viable in time for the equinox deadline. Glad I managed one.

I managed one but didn’t manage to upload all the images.

I think/hope that I’ve just managed to add 7 observations, 6 with a single image and 1 with two photos, without a hitch. Desktop, Windows 10, Chrome. Fingers crossed.

Thanks for the update: much appreciated.

Morning - has the site completely crashed for anyone else?

not for me, there was a bit of a delay for one image but then back. have uploaded a whole bunch of observations this morning

No. It’s just a little uneven at the moment.

Thanks everyone - seems to be an issue with my iPad - working fine on my phone.

I think I spoke too soon

Following a tip from Jins, I discovered that if you only upload one photo, even a fairly large one, it does work reasonably quickly. yet if you load two or three tiny ones the egg timer just keeps rotating for ages.

Yes I’ve found that too - what I tend to do now if I have multiple photos is upload the obs with just one, then add the others one by one using the edit function

Are other people finding that the changes tracker is working properly? It may have been me missing something but I discovered that some of my observations had received agreements and I’m pretty sure that there was no notification highlighted under changes tracker.

I was surprised to find a identification which had not come up on the tracker when looking through the equinox observations

As far as I can make out, the tracker records the date and time of your visit early on in its process. This means that, regardless of whether it then manages to do its job or not on that occasion, it will use that date and time to work out what it should show you the next time you visit so any changes prior to that time will never be highlighted.
To put it another way
Visit A - tracker works: changes since last visit are highlighted
Visit B - tracker fails: “No changes available”
Visit C - tracker works: changes between visits B and C will be highlighted but those between visits A and B will never be highlighted.
It’s tempting to suggest that the tracker should only record the date and time after it has successfully completed but then it would miss any changes made between the time it is called and the time it completes.

I don’t often go to the site’s home page, preferring to go straight to the activity tracker, but paying a rare visit today I find that the latest observation photos are not showing even after re-loading the page. (Desktop, W10, Chrome.)

I also note the update about recent problems which I had missed: many thanks.

Since 2017 the Tracker has been ‘faulty’
It shows in yellow, all the changes since your last enquiry.
Refresh the page and ALL the yellow disappears
So, in difficult times, when you TRY to access the tracker and fail, it is likely that the ‘switch’ gets set to zero (no yellows) and so a subsequent attempt will show NO yellow.
For a long time, since that day in 2017 I have been asking for the old system to be reinstated.
1a here Improvements requested
Yellow remains UNTIL the Observation is opened. Something like @Chris_Valentine @miked

That would seem to be a possible solution to the problem, DejayM.