iForum LIVE!: Why are we integrating FASTCAT-Cloud and the Plantnet API into iSpot?

Welcome to this iForum LIVE! session: Cos4Cloud services: Why are we integrating FASTCAT-Cloud and the [email protected] API into iSpot?

You are invited to join us for a LIVE scheduled chat discussion here: 2022-08-04T14:00:00Z2022-08-04T15:00:00Z

If you arrived here from an invite link about this chat discussion, yes you ARE in the right place. We look forward to chatting with you on Thursday.

Read: About the Cos4Cloud Project: iSpot Cos4Cloud User Group


Hi Janice, i see the time given here is 4-5. I assume that’s because it knows I’m in France & has given CET time. Very impressive.

The instruction says “ * Click ‘Join’ to access the Cos4Cloud Project: iSpot Cos4Cloud User Group
I cant see a separate join link, so does posting here mean that I have joined the forum discussion group?

Hi @JoC , you have assumed correctly, the Forum system adjusts the clock timer to whichever region you are joining from so the time you see when logged in from your location would be correct.

Being able to post here means that yes you are in the right place! Regarding the instructions and the ‘join’ link i was going by the system instructions but this may only be for people who are using the Forum for the first time. I will adjust the notes to join accordingly.

Looking forward to chatting on Thursday!

Thanks Janice.
Looking forward to Thursday…is the link already posted somewhere or will it be on this forum later.
À bientôt

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Yes it is posted in a few other discussion threads.

We are looking forward to see you here 2022-08-04T14:00:00Z for the iForum LIVE! session: Cos4Cloud services: Why are we integrating FASTCAT-Cloud and the [email protected] API into iSpot?

Here are a few short videos to get you started, watch them to find out more about Cos4Cloud:

How is Cos4Cloud boosting citizen science technologies?
Cos4Cloud YouTube - boosting CS tech

What are the achievements of the citizen observatories in Cos4Cloud?
Cos4Cloud Youtube - COs

Our warm up for this afternoon continues: We are trialling FASTCAT-Cloud (currently mammals only) and the [email protected] (plants) but not all of you may have see these suggestions (as comments) come up under an observation.

Here are a few examples:
FASTCAT-Cloud eg1: Interesting, this observation is of a dead hedgehog!
Remains of a hedgehog: by user Boobyg

iSpot obs FC Hedgehog 1

iSpot obs FC Hedgehog 2

[email protected] eg 1: This one is spot on:
Purple Saxifrage from user Malcolm MacGarvin

Have you see these suggestions appearing as comments on any of your observations?

Please post other examples below.

The Saxifraga post is interesting…

ID depends on the author cited, so some S. retusa are S. oppositifolia ssp oppositifolia, others are S retusa Gouan.

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Welcome! So happy you could join us.

As you know we have been trialling the integration of two Cos4Cloud image recognition technologies on iSpot since June 2022:(iSpot and AI: FASTCAT-Cloud and the PlantNet-API | Article | UK and Ireland | iSpot Nature) . In the session we will chat briefly about the Cos4cloud project, introduce you to wo of the the services being developed (FASTCAT-Cloud and the [email protected]); why and how we are trialling these Artificial Intelligence (AI) services on iSpot. We will answer questions about this and discuss how you, the iSpot community can get involved through a iSpot Cos4Cloud User Group giving us your views and feedback while helping to test these services.

I am Janice Ansine Senior Project Manager Citizen Science at the OU and iSpot Project Manager. Our other facilitators today are:(iSpot / OU) Janice, Mike, Chris, Rachel. Cos4Cloud Coordination / CSIC) Karen, (DynAikon - FASTCAT-Cloud / OU) Stefan and (Inria / PlantNet) Alexis. Other Cos4Cloud partners & OU Team members with us today are: Kaori, Damian, Advaith, Kirwan.

Please add a post saying a bit about you and why you are joining today:

Hi, I am Jo C and have been on ispot for some years. I am interested in Taxonomy for its own sake; also happy to help others learn about the id of plants (especially) and Red Seaweeds are always a pleasure. I grew up using text books…


I’m here but cannot find a link? to the forum? thanks

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Don’t worry @pcdtreeman you are in the right place! Welcome.

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Stefan Rueger here. I hold two roles: one as a professor at The Open University in the area of Computing; and another one as co-founder and co-director of DynAIkon Ltd, a UK R&D company, that is responsible for running the FASTCAT-Cloud service (more on this later) that we developed in the context of a European research project Cos4Cloud. My research interests are Artificial Intelligence, automated image processing, Citizen Science, and automated biodiversity monitoring. I am joining today to learn more about the iSpot community and how it could potentially benefit from AI.


Hi everyone, I’m Karen Soacha part of the Cos4Cloud project coordination team. I’m so happy to connect and learn about your opinions/experiences with the integration of Cos4Cloud services into iSpot.

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Welcone @JoC so glad you could join us.

Welcome to the discussion @JoC It is good to have you here…especially with your experience and expertise in plants :slight_smile:

Hi I’m studying MSc Wildlife and Conservation Management University of South Wales. Paul

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Welcome to the discussion @pcdtreeman You are in the right place Paul. Thanks for joining us! We are really looking forward to getting into our iForumLIVE conversations today :slight_smile:

Welcome again all! Now @adrisoacha will tell us a bit more about Cos4Cloud.

Hi Janice, all, thank you for organizing this event. Cos4Cloud (Co-designed citizen observatories for the EOS-Cloud) is a European Horizon 2020 project to boost citizen science technologies. We are a group of 15 organizations developing 13 technological services. Cos4Cloud Services – Cos4cloud

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