Improvements 2023

continuing from Improvements - a new Thread
Please add suggestion for Improvements to layout, ease of use, additional features - anything sensible and useful.

We are still bugged by the need to scroll though Load more Comments. Current and dynamic projects suffer greatly from those issue - there will be 8 pages to scroll in the current iFocus.
Please can we have a little box or a label?

I am still finding it really frustrating not to be able to refer to Location when adding a new comment
The suffix #new is added to the URL sometimes/most times and every time when adding a ‘reply’
Please TRY to fix it

The #new in the URL is a result of clicking the [Comments present] button - it make the page scroll to the start of the comments.

I don’t do that.
‘Reply’ to any comment generates #new and removes Location - try
Once present after completion it can be deleted (or refreshed)
Note that some URLs are being posted with #new present
Y’r map is present and it stays when using reply. Suggests a complex (but very annoying) fault.
Mike agreed in previous Thread

Sounds a very interesting bug. Can you please post the exact URL where you’ve discovered this - and the actions I should take to replicate the issue?

I’m with you on that.
Would a simple, though by no means ideal, ‘fix’ be to put the most recent comments first instead of last?

It would be even better if an end user switch could be found and activated.
Some forum software packages do indeed have one.

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1 This is everywhere. Just click on reply to any comment in the main site and the Location disappears.
2 In the example of YOUR observation (above) the Location STAYS even though #new is present.
3 But open that observation in the normal way and click on Reply to my comment and the location disappears
All very annoying if we want to check what we are writing about WHERE the observation is
here is a normal link to your Observation click on reply. NO need to complete a comment

Please, no. Don’t you find it irritating to read replies to a comment before you read the original comment?

No, for me it’s not a big deal - and I would prefer that to having to scroll through six pages of replies which I’ve already read every time I want to see what has been added to a thread.

This should read Improvements requested.
My New Year’s resolution is to think happy thoughts and to thank those who have helped me towards this goal.
So a big thanks to Chris and Mike for all the new things they are working on and what they and the team are doing behind the scene - I have had such fun with the AI projects - and so - nothing is perfect but remember the REALLY bad days.
Thanks also to those who have provided input with the iFocus projects - I think it’s team building and rather fun.

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Thank you for your kind comments. I inherited the role of iSpot code maintainer a while before lockdown. Before that I’d been an iSpot user for many years and have always been a fan of citizen science. I should mention that over the last few months I’ve had considerable help from Michelle - also in KMi - who has done a fantastic job of quickly learning the framework that’s in use to run the backend and allowed us to update the code to latest releases.

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I think I see what you mean - any instance of # and something after it at the end of the URL makes the embedded map vanish. Remove the # and text and it re-appears. This shouldn’t happen regardless of which link you click. I’ll see what I can do…

thanks …in advance!
it is beginning to seem I may be the only one though

I see it as OPTIONAL ‘Go to latest Comment’
To be honest I would MUCH prefer to see the Home page not still showing pre-Christmas greetings

Not being able to go directly to the end of the comment stream is an annoyance, especially with a really popular iFocus, like the current one.
The disappearing map, is again is an irritation.
Out of date home page is very off-putting for new visitors to any website. It gives the impression of lack of activity.

We are (I am) still suffering a lot from a Bad Dictionary (and Drop-down menu)

And seen these scientific names? There are plenty more.
The Dictionary is riddled with difficulty.
What about a set-to to record some of the biggest issues at least so that the TWO Curators can compare notes, develop a plan and also be aware that WE are interested?
Please don’t add new ones here
But here
Dictionary anomalies

Not a solution, I’ll admit, but regards the disappearing right-column map on observation pages, I’ve found that if you reload the browser window after having clicked the comment link (so that you end up with something like #new or #cid-582159 on the end of the url) the map re-appears. Obviously if you did that part-way through adding a comment or reply, you’d lose what you’d typed, so bear that in mind.

yes thanks but that is not as easy as opening a new browser page beside the one I am working in
I have been doing that for years because I only need the map when way into my (always lengthy) comment about the location!
Please keep trying