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News, info & opportunities: iSpot project collaborations - Cos4Cloud & DECIDE

Check out news, updates, opportunities to participate and other information associated with iSpot project collaborations (i.e. Cos4Cloud, DECIDE etc). See project descriptions here.

Registration is open to join the first two Cos4Cloud co-design sessions and iSpot users have the opportunity to be part of the co-design community! Cos4Cloud is a European Horizon 2020 project to boost citizen science technologies and is one of the four biodiversity citizen science observatories that are part of this initiative. The first workshop on Wednesday March 10, 2021 focusses on the Cos4Cloud Mobile Observation Integration Service (MOBIS) a service that will allow citizen scientists to customize their own project by collecting and combining all sorts of useful information from photographs or low-cost sensors linked to a mobile website or a native app platform. While for the second workshop on Thursday, March 11, 2021 you are invited to contribute to co-design Cos4Bio & Cos4Env platforms , two online platforms aimed at integrating observations on biodiversity (Cos4Bio) or environmental (Cos4Env) monitoring from various citizen observatories, potentially an enormous number of observations. Click here for more information.

The DECIDE project is seeking keen nature enthusiasts and biological recorders, like you, to test the DECIDE Tool as you record and add butterfly and moth observations to iSpot. This is a special invitation to be part of the iSpot DECIDE User Group and play a key role helping with testing, providing feedback and evaluation; contributing to the further development of this tool. Join a DECIDE project iSpot iForumLIVE! chat discussion on Thursday July 28th at 5 p.m. BST and find out more. See the iSpot front page story here: We need YOU: Help test the DECIDE Tool and discover new places to record wildlife | News | UK and Ireland | iSpot Nature .

Interested? Contact us by commenting below or email [email protected] for further information and you will be added to the Forum private group.

iForum LIVE! session: Cos4Cloud services - Why are we integrating FASTCAT-Cloud and the Plantnet API into iSpot?
We have been trialling the integration of two Cos4Cloud image recognition technologies FASTCAT-Cloud and the [email protected] on iSpot since June 2022. Want to know more about Why we are integrating FASTCAT-Cloud and the [email protected] API into iSpot? you are invited to join a iForum LIVE! scheduled chat discussion in the iSpot Forum on Thursday August 4th at 3 – 4 pm BST / 4 – 5 pm CEST. Click on this link to participate: iForum LIVE!: Why are we integrating FASTCAT-Cloud and the Plantnet API into iSpot?

Please note you will be invited to join the iSpot Cos4Cloud User Group to participate. We are keen to share and gather the iSpot community’s feedback and have users involved in testing and this iFORUM LIVE! discussion is part of this. See more: About the Cos4Cloud Project: iSpot Cos4Cloud User Group

More in this iSpot front page news story: iForum LIVE! session: Cos4Cloud services - Why are we integrating FASTCAT-Cloud and the Plantnet API into iSpot? | News | UK and Ireland | iSpot Nature.

Hope you can join us!