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The unidentifiables

NOT nominated but needs an agreement to my ID of a month ago
Thanks though Helen

Nominated, though I have added a possible, even reasonable, ID.
Even WITH IDs some of these should not be lost in the dust layers of iSpot
Thanks Helen

If the Project appears to be stalled, it is because we wait for the Curator @miked to add the Tag - we can only add tags to our own Observations but he has a magic wand

“It looks like your link to was already posted in the topic by @dejaym in a reply 3 days – are you sure you want to post it again?”

One from 2015 of a ‘ball’ - see comment. Look in the tracker for another unidentified post a ‘jellyfish/squid’ - see comment. You will know what it is.

Ball Nominated.
Thanks Helen

Not so certain about this one
It is Unidentifiable. I’d appreciate more opinion - anyone?

Thanks, hopefully CA will help. Meantime, three more from Other Organisms

I’ll come to those
I wonder why no-one else is suggesting Unidentifiables

I am working on your Nominations Helen…

That’s okay, there is no hurry

Is this even a thing?
and Aquatic organism
and Spawn of some sort?
and what type of spider?
Declined on the grounds that they really only needed an ID, (whether or not it is correct). But they are possibly not 'mysterious enough to qualify.
I am open to anyone’s persuasion though
37 in the gallery so far

Nominated…Thanks Helen
Anyone else? Please?

"It looks like your link to was already posted in the topic by @hb1 in a reply 4 days – are you sure you want to post it again?" OH YES!
Take a look at the emergence of an ID here
It highlights several points.
Projects can bring old posts back to life.
We REALLY need experts like JB in iSpot and they MUST be active.
Having a gut-feeling about something, suggests it’s worth adding as an ID or comment.
Knowing how to use (to full effect) the Internet (and the persistence to chase links) pays off. But it all takes time and commitment
I am keen for this Observation to stay in the Unidentifiables because it is still almost unidentifiable.
Comments and support are always welcomed, otherwise we might lose interest.

Another observation from the Other Organisms project. This one has comments but no ID. Interesting.

Nominated - thanks Helen

Another nomination…

Don’t think bad of me but I am disinclined to see this in any Project - not mine anyway!.
It is Emanuele Crivellari’s only post and I think she has already forgotten about it, or did die in that London Hospital.
But thanks H - honest!

I would…but I only really do plants - what to me appears an unidentifiable blob is likely to be easily identified by someone who covers a broader range of taxa…if I encounter anything truly weird, I will let you know!

still going - nominated


can be found here Due for a nomination…unless…