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The unidentifiables

I’ve just found this interesting site which may help with Global IDs
I’ve extracted a snippit “The habitat of the forest near Jabal Bura is a rare one with a few species endemic to the area only and around 150 species prevalent overall. Trees that grow here in the natural state include the following well-known South African trees” (listed).
I haven’t checked to see if they are on iSpot.

From 2015, anyone know what made the holes or is this observation unidentifiable?

Identifiable or not?

Possibly vegetable (see comment added to original post).

Yes, you’re probably right albeit the sea slug story was more creative!

The unidentified ‘eggs’ in this observation look very similar to the purple ones you identified. Tabanidae?

Acid test

And this. Both via Helen’s diligent searching

Still up for nominations


Probably not fungus but can anyone identify?

Green things - anyone?

Strange or identifiable web like casing?

Another observation from the Invertebrates Without a Likely ID Project. Is it an invertebrate or as Amadan suggested a slime mould???

Can anyone identify this ‘small fly with a long tail’ or is it unidentifiable?

Occasionally we solve one

Bubbles on a Pine tree. Anyone?

Rings a Bell - get it? and

The picture had reverted to a “no-entry” sign when I revisited this one.

Have passed these on to a couple of people here who work on water movement in tree trunks in the hope that they will have something to say about the observations.