USERS ONLINE - a record

Just a snapshot of course but three a day might be useful for analysis.
Screen-shots are OK. But simple entry like 10U & 48G would be fine
NO need to put the date on the shot - add it to the post
And no need to add a new post each time, just Edit one and add figures.
If you see unusual activity it would be nice to see a record
There is a DISCUSSION AREA HERE Whos Online ?!?!?

The first then on 09:30 GMT 1 Aug one 15 mins later and one 12:15

I suspect this is not accurate as I was online of course.
Suggests that only ten can ever be shown and may be is fixed at max ten anyway? (nice to see Team Members)


This used to show up to 50 users online but I requested that it be linked to the top 10. So the programmers obliged (for once they listened!, and introduced two new bugs.

And now
Bug: It always says that there are 10. It is supposed to give the actual number, but then only display the top 10, not say that there are only 10 no matter how many there are. It even says 10 when there is only 1 user (me) shown!

Bug: the users are listed in number order. Note that the order never changes. On the old iSpot it showed the latest to log on (so the order was dynamic and differed in sequence between each view).

You are user number
So you will appear 21890th in the list, so unless there is no one with a user number less than yours online, you are unlikely to appear on the list. Wait until there are less than 10 users (but the number will still say 10 even if there are only three), and then you will appear in the list.
Most insulting for later users and quite demoralizing to never be seen on the list.

22h10 +2h

yep, correct, all those are old timers…
Would you mind staying to to two am to get a screenshot please?

Afraid that won’t work as it no longer logs you out when inactive.

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Yes it does log you out!
Just logging in is automatic now, so it seems that you are not logged out, but you are logging in when you click iSpot.

23h21 +2h

23h44 +2h

00h15 +2h

00h35 +2h

Sorry - too much partying last night
07h15 +2h

That’s quite sophisticated. I’ve a browser tab with +/- permanent iSpot, can send the computer to sleep partway through an observation then wake it up to finish off, all works perfectly. Er, touch wood.

who’s Online. Ill add to this single graphic over the next few days.
Welcome left to nightfly sorely missed from UK comments and postings. And nice to see Curators and Developers popping in

03h45 +2h

Note the counter works below 10.

It’s the weight of the top layer that does it - like good compost.
Anyway I made it today and beat Riaan, THAT must be difficult!
08:27 5 Aug (GMT)

You will always be above Riaan. At least until the bug is fixed.
Bug # 373 (only shows 10) #436 (shows users in user ID order) #437 names dont change.



Until bug #436 is fixed, you will always be first.